STRATEGY PRIORITIES ACTION TIME MANAGEMENT. #1 You may lack clarity in your long-term goals EXAMPLE: PROJECT ------ COURSE GRADE ------ GRADUATION ------JOB.

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STRATEGY PRIORITIES ACTION TIME MANAGEMENT Slide 2 #1 You may lack clarity in your long-term goals EXAMPLE: PROJECT ------ COURSE GRADE ------ GRADUATION ------JOB ------ HOUSE.... #2 This question concerns VALUES #3 Idea of working best under pressure #4 Research shows that people who lead high-risk lives tend to procrastinate #5 Overwhelmed by size or difficulty PROCRASTINATION. WHY? Slide 3 #6 Avoidance. Feeling productive by completing lower priority tasks. #7 Setting yourself up to do poorly. Fear of Success EXAMPLE: A student who consistently hands in work late may receive lower grades, even though the work is of high quality. #8 Fear of Failure. Ensure that your failure is based on forces other than your own competence, so that your abilities cannot be questioned. EXAMPLE: A student who never hands in his math homework because he's afraid he will do it wrong. (The failure then becomes based on the missing assignments, not the student's competence.) #9 You may put off tasks hoping they will magically become easier or more interesting. The fact is, few things become clearer the more you avoid them, and often you've squandered your opportunities and time for getting assistance. #10 Losing your Drive. Break the task into smaller chunks so there are more "beginnings" and "endings." PROCRASTINATION. WHY? Slide 4 Tips Assess your goals Examine your values Realistic Expectations Break down large tasks into smaller tasks Force yourself to work for a period of time Tell others you are going to complete a task Reward yourself Get help Surround yourself with good influences Get rid of distractions Prioritize tasks Handle it now! Develop an awareness of when and how you procrastinate. Remember activities are not bad in themselves, only when they are used to put off tasks. Texting, driving, converse with friends, shop, eat or cook, clean or organize MOVING FORWARD Slide 5 TIME MATRIX NOT URGENT URGENT NOT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT Slide 6 Quadrant 1: Urgent & Important Class Time Test Day Assignments Due Day of Program Quadrant 2:Non-urgent BUT important Updating planner Making task list Studying Program prep Quadrant 3: Not important but urgent Making food for Global Voices Making paper flower for the parade float Quadrant 4:Not important & non urgent Surfing the web Facebook Pinterest TIME MATRIX NOT URGENT URGENT NOT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT Slide 7 Trivia (input strengths), excess TV Facebook Some phone calls/text Time Wasters QUADRANT 4: NOT IMPORTANT AND NON- URGENT Slide 8 Some emails/phone calls Some meetings Many interruptions Some popular activities QUADRANT 3: NOT IMPORTANT BUT URGENT Slide 9 Personal developing Prevention Planning: Updating task list/calendar Health/exercise Sleep QUADRANT 2: NON-URGENT BUT IMPORTANT Slide 10 Important Deadlines Last minute program preparations Important meetings Emergencies/crises QUADRANT 1: URGENT & IMPORTANT Slide 11 PLANNERS Slide 12 Weekly vs. MonthlyHourly vs. Open YOU HAVE DECIDE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! Slide 13 Class Schedule Work Schedule Programs/E vents Club Meetings/Ev ents Holiday/Birt hday Personal Time Classwork deadlines Other ROCKSTAR CALENDAR


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