Summer Portfolio Institute Summer 2003 Arlene Brian Nancy Stephanie.

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Summer Portfolio Institute Summer 2003 Arlene Brian Nancy Stephanie Slide 2 Introduction Activities Glyphs M & M Activities Tie em UP!! - Ropes Venn Diagram People BINGO PEPSI-MAN Slide 3 Investigators Slide 4 Activities Dodecahedron Calendars Rocket Cars Chromatography Tessellations Polygon Scavenger Hunt Slide 5 Hand-Held Technology CBR-CBL Walking Activity Dolphin Graphs Detective Story Cookie Experiment (How Many Chips?) Bones (Whose Arm Was It?) Slide 6 Writing Detective Story Polygon Law Check Writing Story Popcorn Story Newspaper Captions/Headlines Slide 7 Computer Lab Tessellations Ice Cream Truck Competition Detective Story Write-Up Slide 8 Slide 9 Gloria Graphite Gloria Graphite is a dreamer. She has high expectations for her life but so far has not accomplished her dreams. She is intelligent, knows what she wants, but just cant seem to make that big break or discovery that will make her successful. She is beginning to feel desperate and knows things must change fast. After all, her birthday is coming and shes still stuck in the same old rut. Slide 10 Pam Chromatogram Pam Chromatogram is a research scientist. Shes worked hard her entire career but is still constantly compared to the successes of her father. Her husband wants her to stop working long enough to take a trip across the United States, stopping several days at interesting spots, relaxing at state parks, and visiting with his aged parents. She simply cannot stop her research now! Her competitors are at her heels now and they may even have findings she is unaware of. Slide 11 Mary Masonite Mary Masonite is the wife of an inventor. She was born in a wealthy family and her parents and siblings scoffed at the choice she made for a husband. Mary has faith in her husbands talents and feels he will eventually be successful at his work. He will probably get the patent for an invention he has been working on. If he does, money will pour into their lives and her family will accept her husband. Mary has recently discovered that a competing inventor is also very near applying for a patent for a similar discovery. If Marys husband doesnt finish his work and file for the patent first, all his work will be to no avail. Slide 12 Fred Fingerprint Fred Fingerprint has always been a disappointment to everyone. Hes spent his whole life in and out of trouble. Despite many opportunities and well-intentioned backing and support others have given him, he just hasnt accomplished much of anything. No one can understand Fred. Hes intelligent, kind, and friendly, but seems to get into the wrong situations far too often. Fred knows the pattern needs to be broken. Its time to change his life. Slide 13 Patrick Pencil Patrick Pencil is a wealthy philanthropist. He backs projects for researchers and inventors and it costs him thousands of dollars. He is usually glad to do it. He most recently set up a contest that will pay the winner $500,000. The inventor or researcher that wins will be ecstatic. He has recently discovered that his daughter has an outstanding debt of $750,000 and she has asked him for his help. Patrick would like to help her but with the contest, he is not excited about turning loose of that much money at once. Slide 14 Larry Labrador Larry Labrador is the stereotypical scientist. Hes been considered a nerd his entire career. No one really knows him. Hes bright, capable, and a hard worker. He spends many hours at work and has not had much time for a social life. Hes never been concerned about money and has been happy with the day-to-day discoveries of his work. Recently, hes met someone he likes to spend time with. Shes pushing him to excel, have that big idea, and get wealthy. Hes entered a contest with other scientists that could allow him a chance at $500,000. This wasnt that important to him, but his new girlfriend has $$$$$ in her eyes and has pushed him to the brink to win the contest. Slide 15 Slide 16 Slide 17 CASE CLOSED!!


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