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TRECE MARTIRES CITY COLLEGETrece-Indang Road, Brgy. LucianoTrece Martires CityMISSIONTrece Martires City College adheres itself to the upliftment of every poor but intelligent and deserving individual in the City via educational opportunities committed to the pursuit of excellence, creative and appreciative of nature, arts and technology.VISIONTotal development of God loving, well disciplined skillful, morally up right and globally competitive individuals who are proud of their Filipino identity and cultural heritage.COURSE SYLLABUS FOR PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT AND PUBLIC RELATIONS1st SEMESTER, A.Y 2014-2015COURSE NO. :PDPR101COURSE TITLE:Personality Development and Public RelationsPRE REQUISITE:NoneCREDIT UNITS:3 UnitsTOTAL NO. OF HOURS: 45 hoursCOURSE DESCRIPTION:It enhances the outlook of an individual through understanding the concept of personality and public relations.INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Ma. Gielyn Pantangco NuqueCOURSE OBJECTIVES:1. Introduce the concept of personality and public relations.2. Identify and expand the knowledge about the different aspects of personality and public relations3. Guide the students for the application of the concept particularly in the future4. Familiarize oneself on the proper usage for the personality improvement of an individualCOURSE OUTLINE:TOPICTIME ALLOTMENTLAEARNING OUTCOMETEACHING METHODS AND TECHNIQUESLEARNING ACTIVITYLEARNING MATERIALEVALUATION TECHNIQUESBackground Information and Concept of Personality3 hrs.A. Image and Its Impact Factors that made you what you are now. Make your image fit your aspirationB. Personality Concept Components Essence of Personality as a subject Techniques in Improving Personality Taking Center Stage Defining BeautyLecture Discussion Recitation Assignment Textbook Visual aids QuizzesFashion 9 hrs.C. Basic Wardrobe Fashion Making choices Assembling a Basic wardrobe Basics Closet Search for style Dressing for the occasion Shopping rulesColor: Link in the total look D. Accessories Rules for Accessories Laws of Proportion How to shop for accessories The Jewel Box Care of Jewelry Perfumes and Colognes The Scent Secret Personal Chemistry Layering of ScentLecture Discussion Seatwork Recitation Assignment Textbook Visual aids QuizzesFace and Hair, Health and Personality and Social Grace15 hrs. E. Face Facial Features and Hairstyles Care of the Skin Blemishes Make-up Tips Health and Cleanliness Care of the teeth Beauty Bath F. Health and Personality Figure Beauty exercise Visual Poise Grace Perfect Posture Guide to Good EatingG. Social Grace Manners Etiquette Eye Contact Suggested Words to Use often Words to Avoid Social Graces in Public Places Manners at the Table Tips for Dinning and Business Etiquette Art of ConversationLecture Discussion Recitation Seatwork Assignment Reports Textbook Quizzes Reaction paperCommunication Skills and Customer Service12 hrs.H. Communication Skills Communication Process Importance of Communication Reading Writing Verbal Communication Reception Techniques Rules of Cell phone etiquette E-mails; Fax; Voice Mail Placing and Receiving a call Making conversation Tuning up your voiceI. Customer Service Standards of Service Mixed Messages Satisfied Customers Loyal Customers Toughest customer Service Competitive Edge Training Customer is always Right Essence of Customer ServiceJ. Motivation and Emotion Kinds of Emotion How to handle hurt and anger Controlling your temper Keys to Control Conflict and Stress Stress BustingLecture Discussion Recitation Role Playing Assignment Textbook Quizzes Research WorkValues, International Workforce and Career Enhancement 6 hrs.K. Values Values and Morals Respect Punctuality and Promptness Obedience and Cooperation Attitude Philosophies of lifeL. International Workforce Benefits of Cross-cultural Training Methodology of Cross-Cultural Training Non-international topicsM. Career Enhancement Competencies Job Interview Resumes Personal Inventory Locating Job ProspectsLecture Discussion Recitation Seatwork Textbook Quizzes Role PlayingCOURSE REQUIREMENTS:1. Maximum Attendance2. Major Examinations (Prelim, Midterms, Pre-Finals, Finals)3. Projects: Demonstrations (Role Playing) and ReportsREFERENCES:Personality for Todays Young Professional by Amparo E. Santos Ed.DPersonality Development handouts/Submitted by:Approved by:MA. GIELYN PANTANGCO NUQUEDr. Virginia Romen Ed. D.Subject InstructorDean, College of Entrepreneurship1


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