TEACHER CANDIDATE INVESTIGATION OF THE LEADER IN ME INITATIVE Dr. Lisa Murley, Dr. Pamela Jukes, & Dr. Judy Pierce WKU School of Teacher Education Faculty.

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TEACHER CANDIDATE INVESTIGATION OF THE LEADER IN ME INITATIVEDr. Lisa Murley, Dr. Pamela Jukes, & Dr. Judy Pierce WKU School of Teacher Education Faculty

Kimberly Hatfield, Olivia Higdon, & Noelle TrebendisWKU Elementary Education Students

1Dr. Lisa Murley, Assistant Professor Elementary Education, Western Kentucky University

Dr. Pamela Jukes, Associate Professor Elementary Education, Western Kentucky University

Dr. Judy Pierce, ProfessorElementary Education, Western Kentucky University

2Elementary Education Student PresentersKimberly HatfieldOlivia HigdonNoelle Trebendis

3OverviewThe Leader in Me Principles

Leader in Me and PGES

Leader in Me Investigations

WKU Teacher Candidates and Leader in Me

4The Leader in Me PrinciplesBe proactive.Begin with the end in mind.Put first things first. Think win-win.Seek first to understand, then to be understood.Synergize.Sharpen the saw.5



Leader in Me and PGESTheProfessional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES)is designed to promote the vision of continuousprofessional growth anddevelopment of skills needed to be a highly effective teacher of administrator.

8Leader in Me and PGESThe Kentucky Framework for Teaching adapted from the Charlotte Danielson framework lays out theexpectations for effective teaching in five domains: Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction, Professional Responsibilities and Student Growth. 9Leader in Me and PGESDomain 2Classroom EnvironmentCreating an Environment of Respect and Rapport Establishing a Culture for Learning10Leader in Me InvestigationsLighthouse Status Schools that attain Lighthouse Status have showcased the leadership skills and criteria with fidelity and work for at least three years. 11Elementary Education Leader in Me AssignmentsPurpose and OverviewLesson PlanInvestigation12Elementary EducationStudent Reflection


http://blog.al.com/breaking/2010/11/weatherly_elementary_uses_scho.html13Elementary Education Student Presenters

Kimberly HatfieldOlivia HigdonNoelle Trebendis

14Kimberly HatfieldLeader in Me Investigation

The language of Leader in Me

Students becoming leaders

Implementing Leader in Me as a future teacher

15Olivia HigdonLeader in Me componentsSchool website and personnel and studentsSchool, classroom, and student levelsObservations, interviews, and experiences at the third-grade levelLeadership environment and measurable eventsRespect and responsibility of others


Noelle TrebendisLeader in Me Lesson Plan.Put Yourself in their Shoes- Using Habit 5.Fostered open discussion.Different perspectives.

17Participant InvestigationParticipants will assign ratings to Leader in Me Investigation sample data to determine impact of Leader in Me principles on school culture.

Discuss techniques to apply the evaluative strategy in their own programs. 18ConclusionsHow WKU Elementary Education Program prepares teacher candidates for a Leader in Me classroom.

How the Leader in Me principles impact school culture. 19


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