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  • Teaching and Learning English as a Global Language Native and Non-Native Perspectives Claus Gnutzmann (ed.) Tbingen: Stauffenburg 1999 The articles collected in this volume originate from papers presented at a conference held from 22-24 June 1998 at the Technische Universitt Braunschweig on the topic of "Teaching and Learning English as a Global Language. Native and Non-Native Perspectives". It was hoped that the mixture of participants (native and non-native researchers of various academic, national and professional backgrounds) would form a good basis with which to find out more about the rapidly increasing role of English as a global means of communication and the possible implications of this development for language and educational policies. Thus, the main aims of the conference were to analyse the role of English as a global means of communication and to develop research perspectives for the teaching and learning of English as a global language. In order to provide a general, in a wider sense intercultural platform, the conference addressed sociolinguistic and language policy issues (eg "linguistic imperialism") as well as questions relating to the mutual intelligibility of the many varieties of English and "Englishes". However, most of the papers concentrated on the impact that the global role English has or should have on the major elements of foreign language teaching and learning, i.e. language and culture, teachers, learners , learning objectives, methods and media as well as on teacher.


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