Teaching in Blended and Online Learning Environments

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1. Teaching in Blended & Online Learning Environments 2. http://todaysmeet.com/blend Ask questions! Provide feedback! Collaborate with others! 3. Introductions Kim Bell- Client Services [email_address] @kibel77 Tiffany Kelley- Instructional Support [email_address] @techietiff68 Angela Christopher- Enrollment [email_address] @avchristopher www.AestheTECH.weebly.com/blog.html 4. Agenda Overview of the e 4 TN program Blended learning Teaching online Interactive Tools: Web 2.0 5. 6. What is a primary reason teachers do not incorporate more differentiated instruction? lack of Time Resources Support 7. According to John Watson, online learning has become an increasingly important component of K-12 education with the growth being driven primarily by state-led online programs. Watson, John. "Blending Learning: The Convergence of Online and Face-to-Face Education." Promising Practices in Online Learning (2010): 18. 8. www.e4tn.org Tennessees State Led Online Program 9. e 4 TN is a grant funded initiative that provides Tennessee teachers the opportunity to develop online Carnegie credit courses that are rigorous, engaging and aligned to Tennessee standards, to include core courses and electives such as foreign languages. 10. Dan Long Executive Director - Assessment , Evaluation, Research and e-Learning dan.long@state.tn.us 615.253.5031 Dr. Wendy Oliver Director, e 4 TN , Leadership Team 423.209.8810 [email_address] 11. 12. 13. Think? If you could meet the needs of diverse learners 14. How does blended learning fit into current conceptions of online learning? How does blended learning help engage students and support their academic success? How are online learning and face-to-face instruction being combined effectively? Is blended learning meeting unique student needs that neither fully online nor face-to-face models can achieve? What digital content and curricula are being used in blended learning? 15. Group Work NACOL Blended Learning: The Convergence of Online and Face-to-Face Education 16. Standards Based Curriculum https://www.e4tn.org Students and Parents Course Catalog Course Outline: Learning Objects and TN Standards Correlation 17. What does digital content look like? https://www.e4tn.org Click Go to Class Username: e4tnfacilitator Password: spring2011 18. Blended Learning in Action Freshman Academy Physics 19. Scope and Sequence Resources Available to TN Teachers and Administrators Audit Curriculum 20. Teaching Strategies Blended vs. Online 21. Teaching: Blended vs. Online Blended Teaching "F2F enhancement" F2F teaching combined with Online Components Student performance better than F2F alone 1 Benefits: flexibility allows for better use of time during F2F appeals to multiple learning styles current information Online Teaching "F2F Alternative" Strictly online Student performance same as F2F 1 Benefits: flexibility review often "quiet" students inclined to communicate curriculum - real time updates 22. Blended Teaching "Overall, the meta-analysis found that students who took part of their class online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face to face instruction." - USDOE's "Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning" 1 "Blended learning, combining the best elements of online and face-to-face education, is likely to emerge as the predominant teaching model of the future." 3 - Promising Practices in Online Learning: Blended Learning: The Convergence of Online and Face-to-Face Education 23. Blended Teaching Shift from lecture to student centered learning Use of web-based resources to supplement, add dimension or perspective videos interactive sites collaboration student created products Teacher acts as facilitator Students take ownership of learning Best of Both Worlds 24. Online Teaching Learning Management System (LMS) Teacher acts as Facilitator Engaging Learning Environment Asynchronous teacher and student accessing at different times Synchronous teacher and student online at same time Schedule Flexibility Let's login as an online teacher! www.d2l-e4tn.org 25. 26. VOCAL V isible O rganized C ompassionate A nalytical L ead by Example Adopted from John Savery - http://www.ncolr.org/jiol/issues/pdf/9.3.2.pdf 27. How can online teachers engage these 21 st century students? Graphics Color Videos Links 28. Graphics & Color Lets try it! 29. Videos Lets try it! 30. Links Lets try it! 31. Web 2.0 Interactive Technology 32. by: Scott McLeod, J.D., Ph.D . 33. Interactive Tools Interactive User generated content Collective knowledge Youtube Wikipedia Google Docs Facebook Twitter Real time Artificial Intelligence Semantic Intelligent search behavioral advertising Bing's reference search Google Map App (real time driving conditions, traffic, & street views) Web 3.0 Web 2.0 34. TPACK Total PACKage Content = what we teach Pedagogy = how we teach Technology = how to use achieve learning goals 35. Why? e are preparing our children for jobs that do not exist today. e need life-long learners. e need to make the learning "stick." W W W 36. Many tools 37. We NEED Life-Long Learners Where do we start? 38. You do not have to be an expert. YOUR students become the experts! 39. Let's try... Twiddla: http://www.twiddla.com/ 40. TypeWith.me http://www.typewith.me/ 41. It's about learning... teach them HOW to learn ENGAGE them, let them engage make it MEANINGFUL let them be PRODUCTIVE 42. Shared knowledge Wikis- Coast to Coast Blogs Mrs. Cassidys Classroom Blog Social Networks- ArtEd 2.0 Edmoto 43. ToonDoo www.toondoo.com Let's try it! 44. Maps Google Earth Memphis Mapwing Coral Reefs Nike+ - Physical Education 45. Digital Stories VoiceThread Romare Bearden Prezi Landslides Animoto Stockmarket 46. Collaboration Lets try it! 47. Keep collaborating! Edmodo Gliffy - 48. More... Voki Google Docs Diigo and Delicious 49. Web 2.0 for Blended & Online Learning Group projects Student products (video, audio, e-portfolios) Differentiated instruction Embed artifacts directly into a class wiki, webpage, or learning management system (Voicethread, Wordle, Audacity, etc.) 50. Want more? 21 Things For The 21st Century Educator - The purpose of this resource is to provide "Just in Time" training through an online interface for K-12 educators based on the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T). 51. Thank you! Find these links & more at on the conference wiki 52. References 1 Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning - http://www2.ed.gov/rschstat/eval/tech/evidence-based-practices/finalreport.pdf 2 Fast Facts about Online Learning - http://www.inacol.org/press/docs/nacol_fast_facts.pdf 3 Promising Practices in Online Learning: Blended Learning: The Convergence of Online and Face-to-Face Education - http://www.inacol.org/research/promisingpractices/NACOL_PP-BlendedLearning-lr.pdf Be VOCAL, Characteristics of Successful Online Instructors - John R. Savery, University of Akron TPACK Graphic: http://tpack.org/


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