TEEN PREGNANCIES. Why They Matter They affect so many areas of our lives.

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TEEN PREGNANCIESTEEN PREGNANCIESWhy They MatterThey affect so many areas of our lives.Teen mothers tend to receive less prenatal care than mothers in their 20s.With less prenatal care, babies are more likely to be born prematurely and with low birthweight.By age 2, these children have significantly lower cognitive test scores.Children born outside of two-parent families are more likely to:Be poorHave poorer school attendanceChildren born outside of two-parent families are more likely to:Have lower GPAsDrop outNearly 80% of unmarried teen mothers end up on welfare.Only 41% of teen mothers graduate from high school.Only 1.5% of those will earn a college degree by age 30. of teen mothers will have a second child within 24 months of the first babySingle mothers report higher levels of stress, fewer contacts with family & friends, less involvement with social groups and less overall social support.Both teen mothers and fathers report less happiness and more conflict in their relationship.Teen girls under age 18 are twice as likely to be beaten by their childs father than girls over age 18.Teen mothers are 7 times more likely to commit suicide than other teenagers.Nearly 80% of fathers of babies born to teen mothers do not marry their babies mothers.Absent fathers pay less than $800 annually for child support.Fatherless children are at significantly increased risk for drug and alcohol abuse when they become teens.The sons of teenage mothers are 13% more likely to end up in prison.Teen girls without a father in their life are two times more likely to initiate sexual activity early compared to girls with fathers present.Daughters of teen mothers are 22% more likely to become teen mothers themselves.Little sisters of teen mothers are more likely to become teen mothers themselves.National Cost to Tax Payers is Billions of $-Health care-Foster care-Incarceration-Lost tax revenueAnother difficult consequence of unplanned pregnancy is abortion.(3700 abortions per day in America)(20% are to teens)Too many teens still think It cant happen to me. For more information about teen pregnancy and how to prevent it, visit www.thenationalcampaign.org