THE FUTURE TENSES And Other Ways Of Expressing Future Actions.

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Slide 2 THE FUTURE TENSES And Other Ways Of Expressing Future Actions Slide 3 FUTURE SIMPLE Will/Wont+V (. ) I will play / Ill play He will not read/He wont read Will they watch?- Yes, they will/No, they wont. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week/ month / year, tonight, soon, in a day, in 2 months. Slide 4 USE: , , think, believe, expect, imagine, Im sure, I hope, Im afraid, probably, perhaps, maybe. Maybe, well visit Grandma tomorrow. I think the weather will be fine. O, -If you dont come on time, Ill go without you. -Ill be there at 5 sharp, I promise. -Im hungry. Ill make you a sandwich. Slide 5 FUTURE CONTINUOUS Will+Ving I will be cooking/Ill be cooking He wont be sleeping Will you be drawing?-Yes, I will./No, I wont. This time tomorrow, next Sunday at 10 am, tomorrow from 4 till 6 pm Slide 6 USE: , . Tom will be writing a test at 3pm tomorrow. , . Next Sunday at 11am theyll be driving to Moscow. . -What will you be doing tomorrow at about 7pm? -Ill be watching a DVD with my friend. Will you join us? -Id love to. Slide 7 FUTURE PERFECT Will+have+Ved/V3 He will have done/Hell have done They wont have finished Will you have written? Yes, I will./No, I wont. Before, by, by then, by the time, until/till Slide 8 USE: , . They will have bought a house by the end of the year. Shell have cooked dinner by 6 pm tomorrow. the time, until/till, beforePresent Simple the time, until/till, before Present Simple, .. . By the time you arrive, Ill have cleaned the flat. Hell have done his homework before his parents come home. until/till , until/till . Sam wont have fixed the car until/till this evening. Slide 9 TO BE GOING TO to be (am/is/are) going to Im going to read/Hes going to read/Were going to read I/m not going to do/She isnt going to do/They arent going to do Are you going to stay?- Yes, I am./No, Im not. Tomorrow, next Sunday, soon, in a day, in a week Slide 10 USE: , . Im going to travel in summer. Were going to visit Grandma next weekend. , . The sky is dark, its going to rain. Im in a traffic jam, Im going to be late again! , . My friends and I are going to play football after school, if we dont have too much homework. Shes going to sell her car soon. Slide 11 Present Continuous/Present Simple Be (am/is/are) + Ving Im driving/Hes driving We arent going Are you meeting?- Yes, I am./No, Im not. V/V3 I go/He goes/They go We dont play/She doesnt play Do you visit? Yes, I do./No, I dont. Slide 12 USE: Present Continuous Present Continuous , . We are going to St. Petersburg tomorrow. What are you doing tonight? Present Simple Present Simple , , . My train to Moscow leaves at 7.15 am. The show starts at 6pm. Dont be late! Slide 13 NOTE if,while,before,after, as soon as, as, if,while,before,after, as soon as, as, by the time, when by the time, when ! If If he is late again, Ill be very angry. by the time Ill have done my homework by the time my parents come home. until t They wont leave until they finish their work. Slide 14 So Much For The Theory! Slide 15 Lets Practice! I.Explain the use of the tense forms: are going 1. They are going to play golf this afternoon. wakewill have cooked 2. By the time you wake up, Mum will have cooked breakfast. Sams flying 3. Sams flying to China in two days. Ill help 4. Dont worry, Ill help you with your test. well be driving 5. Tomorrow at 5pm well be driving to the country. does 6. -When does the film start? At 7. wont forget 7. I hope Mike wont forget to bring his laptop. will have written 8. Sue will have written the essay before her friends come. will you be doing 9. What will you be doing on Sunday at 2pm? Ill have 10. Im so thirsty! Ill have a glass of water. Slide 16 II. Make up sentences using the given words: 1.the/going/we/country/summer/in/are/to/spend. W e are going to spend summer in the country. starts? Will you have finished your work before the show starts? 3.bad/a/if/he/homework/will/do/get/his/doesnt/he/ mark. I II If he doesnt do his homework, he will get a bad mark. 4. are/party/my/throwing/on/friends/a/Saturday. M MM My friends are throwing a party on Saturday. 5. sea/this/I/be/in/ll/week/swimming/the/next/time. This time next week Ill be swimming in the sea. Slide 17 III. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form: 1.Kate ______________ (paint) the house by 3pm tomorrow. 2. If you cant do it yourself, I ________ (help) you. 3. Look! That child _____________ (fall)! 4. The Parkers __________ (leave) for Egypt tonight. 5. I _______________ (finish) my composition until late in the evening. 6. Tom _____________ (dance) at the party at 9pm on Saturday. will have paintedwill helpis going to fall are leaving wont have finished will be dancing Slide 18 IV. Choose the correct item: IV. Choose the correct item: 1.He _______________ to New York this time tomorrow. 2. If Roy _____________ call his girlfriend, she will be angry. 3. What will you have done _________ ____ you leave for school? 4. Mike and Tom have entered the Linguistic University. They ____________ become interpreters. 5. The mechanic ___________________ the car till next Tuesday. A. is flyingB. will be flyingC. is going to fly A. wont B. dontC. doesnt A. until B. by the time C. after A. are going toB. will C. will be becoming A. wont fix B. will have fixed C. wont have fixed Slide 19 You did well! You did well! Study harder! Slide 20 Slide 21 Slide 22 Slide 23 Slide 24


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