The MIT Years: Highlights

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Mike Brady Research Symposium September 16, 2010 The Year(s) of the Robot John Hollerbach University of Utah. The MIT Years: Highlights. Year of the Robot Books in robotics ISRR IJRR. Robotics in the 1970s. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Robotics Track at Utah

Mike Brady Research SymposiumSeptember 16, 2010

The Year(s) of the Robot

John HollerbachUniversity of Utah

The MIT Years: Highlights Year of the Robot Books in robotics ISRR IJRR

Robotics in the 1970sRobotics was not generally considered a separate, respectable scientific endeavor.Heavy orientation towards industrial robotics.Limitations in envisaged and realized robot capabilities.No research journal dedicated to robotics.No high-level international research conference in robotics.

Year of the Robot (1981-82)Accelerate the field of robotics via:Source book on manipulationStart a journalStart an annual or biannual conferenceBring in outside experts for extended staysOutline an educational programBuild a robot hand

A source book with sections: Dynamics Trajectory planning Compliance and force control Feedback control Spatial planningEach section had a substantial introduction that served as a tutorial.Papers by 19 top authors were retyped into a common format.Published in 1982 Translated into JapaneseUtah/MIT Dextrous Hand

Collaboration with Steve Jacobsen (Utah) Begun in 1981, completed in 1987 12 copies were made Pneumatic, tendon-driven actuation

Updated source book in robotics Published in 1989 16 commissioned papers by leading experts Last funding from SDF1981: Representative Problems in RoboticsRecognizing objects in the real world.Grasping arbitrary objects.Two-armed, cooperative manipulation.Learning from experience.2010: DARPA BAA on Mobile ManipulationRecognizing objects in the real world.Grasping arbitrary objects.Two-armed, cooperative manipulation.Learning from experience.Visitors and WorkshopsRenowned visitors spent from weeks to months at the MIT AI Lab.Harry Asada, Rod Brooks, Roy Featherstone, John Luh, Ken Salisbury, Russ TaylorWorkshop on Dextrous Robot Hands.Asada, Flateau, Harmon, Hillis, Hogan, Jacobsen, Purbrick, Raibert, Roth, Ruoff, Salisbury

ISRR 1983: Bretton Woods Funded initially by SDF Organized similar to Gordon conferences

Bretton WoodsBrady and Paul KyotoHanafusa and Inoue GouvieuxFaugeras and Giralt1987 Santa CruzBolles and Roth1989 TokyoMiura and Arimoto1993 PittsburghKanade and Paul1995 HerrschingGiralt and Hirzinger1997 Shonan, JapanShirai and Hirose1999 SnowbirdHollerbach and Koditschek Lorne, AustraliaJarvis and Zelinsky2003 SienaDario and Chatila2005 San FranciscoThrun, Brooks and Durrant-Whyte2007 HiroshimaKaneko and Nakamura2009 LucerneSiegwart and Hirzinger2011 Flagstaff Christensen and Khatib

ISRR 1983 Participants

ISRR 1985: Gouvieu

IJRR founded in 1982.Mike Brady and Richard (Lou) Paul are inaugural editors.Editorial Board is similar to ISRR organizing committee.Published by MIT Press.

First journal dedicated toRobotics Research2001 First MM publishing2009 Data set papersThe Founding of IJRR

IJRR History Mike Brady and Lou Paul are the inaugural editors. Tomas Lozano-Perez replaces Lou Paul. Number of issues increases from 4 to 6. Tomas retires, Mike continues as sole editor. Jennet Batten becomes Managing Editor. Sage Press buys IJRR from MIT Press, issues increase from 6 to 12. Mike retires, John Hollerbach becomes editor.2010 Number of issues increases to 14.

Jennet Batten: 20 Years as IJRR Managing Editor

Mike Bradyco-founder and editor 1982-1999ofThe International Journal of Robotics ResearchA celebration of his achievement on brining theJournal into existence on the occasion of hisretirement, September, 2010

1999 Editorial Board Testimonials


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