The Social Customer: Youth and Technology Trends for 2014

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Top 5 trends on how Youth will be shaping technology usage in 2014. An alternative to the traditional customer segmentation model, the Social Customer model offers a more scientific method to understand customers.


CUSTOMERTHESOCIALYOUTH & TECHNOLOGY TRENDS FOR 2014Fitness FreaksGadget GeeksHerbivore HippiesMiserable MillennialsTumultuous TeensA DIVIDE & CONQUER APPROACHDIVIDE CONQUERStereotypes or Awful Band NamesCUSTOMER SEGMENTATIONTHE SOCIAL CUSTOMER BehaviorPsychologyCultureAnthropologySocial NetworksA CONNECT & SERVE APPROACHCONNECT SERVEBased on scientific researchCLICKGET MORE INSIGHTS ON THE SOCIAL CUSTOMERHERESocial CustomersSocial Customers are defined by their interests, motivations & peer networks.Social InterestsSocial MotivationsSocial NetworksWhat Fandoms do they belong to?Who do they hangout with offline?What do they strive to achieve?YOUTH & TECHNOLOGY TRENDS FOR 20145BASED ON THE SOCIAL CUSTOMER REPORT BY MOBILE YOUTH1Social by DesignAs Social Customers, youth are either connected or connecting. The need to connect drives youth to behavior that seem irrational to others.0% 25% 50% 75% 100%97%of smartphone owning teens have regularly used smartphones in the privacy of a bathroomsource: the mobile youth report2Offline over OnlineAs Social Customers, young people want to connect with peers in the real world. Technology is only a means to an end, not the end itself.67%of young people prefer to communicate with friends & family face-to-face over text, voice & emailsource: the mobile youth report3Wide Networks, Thin ConnectionsYouth have thousands of online friends but not all those friendships are equally significant. Youth want more meaningful relationships.but interact with only 155Teens have on average 1500 friends on Facebook, but have interacted with only 155 in real life1500 friends on Facebooksource: the mobile youth report4Curated IdentitiesYoung people are cautious about what they share online and with whom. Youth regularly review and edit their past online activities.of teens have deleted or edited something that they posted online in the past59%source: the mobile youth report5Passive TechnologyTechnology becomes useful when it becomes boring. Youth are attracted to technology that fits into their social lives without interruptions.0% 25% 50% 75% 100%77%of teens listen to music during a group video chat session with their friendssource: the mobile youth reportCLICKGET MORE INSIGHTS ON THE SOCIAL CUSTOMERHERE