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The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Two

by superfrog4





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  • 1. Chapter Two: Hunger Strike
  • 2. Welcome back to the Superfrog ISBI!Last time, we saw my founder – who is also my simself – meet herpartner through the Matchmaker. She ended up with Joe Graham – aguy from the gardening club with no money. While he ran around thehouse being random and funny, Sam got a job, got pregnant, had bavyStar, and got pregnant again.If that doesnt sound familiar, I suggest going back and reading thefirst chapter.Now! On Chapter Two: Hunger Strike!
  • 3. We return to the Super household to find Star still adorable. Butsmelly. A typical event if Sams at work – and she is at work, despiteher pregnancy – and Joe being at home.Hes not useless as a father, just not a particularly good one.
  • 4. “Why is it that when I come home, my baby stinks and then throws upon me?”Because Joe pays her no attention ninety percent of the time.
  • 5. Here, have an example.“Daddy, play?”“No, Daddy read.”
  • 6. “* sob *”“* couch slouch *”Need I go through any more examples, or is this enough? You get theidea, though.
  • 7. Then, on top of Joes slouching, you have the hunger smustling.Joe whines hes hungry, and then breaks out in a smustle. Its brilliant,because it reminds me to have Sam call him to dinner. Except whenshes at work. Then we have problems...
  • 8. But more on that later. Outside, Sam is about to bring the next childinto the world.
  • 9. Why is it in half of my challenges, that someone always gives birth inthe street?
  • 10. Its a girl! Named Vogue, because there was a stack of three Voguemagazines on my desk.Once again, Joe looks absolutely delighted that he has a daughter.
  • 11. But then again, maybe Joe is delighted he has another daughter. Hedid a celebratory smustle.
  • 12. Things keep on getting worse for Joe. He cant find the fridge, cantfind his bed, cant be bothered to pay his daughters any attention.And hes standing right beside his bed in this picture. Its like theultimate slouch.
  • 13. In other news, Star grew up. Shes still adorable, but I dont thinktheres much of Joe in her.
  • 14. Vogue grew up the same night. She is also adorable! Look, she hasJoe genes, too!Grew up in a nice outfit, too. Perhaps thats what happens when youname someone after a fashion magazine?
  • 15. Then I decided that I didnt trust Joe to look after the kids and hired ananny. That and I didnt want him to die while Sam was at work – whatif he started a fire or something?!I already regret hiring her.“I hate the eldest, and I havent step inside the house yet.”
  • 16. Joe seems to have a lot of problems at the minute.“Im STARVING! Control me! Direct me to a fridge!”This doesnt look like it will end well.
  • 17. Star, meanwhile, has discovered she has a talent for smustling. Shegained that from her father, I assume, seeing as Sam doesnt smustlevery often.
  • 18. She also found the paper aeroplane Sam had in the first chapter. Likemother like daughter, I guess.
  • 19. Back on the subject of Joe and his hunger strike, Sam finally realisedthere was something up with her husband.Never mind the fact she was worried because of low aspiration. Itlooks like shes worried about Joe, right?And she was just to make him a meal, when something awfulhappened.
  • 20. Joe starved to death. Oops.
  • 21. And for some reason, Death wouldnt let Sam plead for Joe, either. Soshe just sobbed, while I sat there, cursing the computer. Then I had anidea.I cant remember the last time I had a Death baby in my game, so Iwent ahead and got Sam pregnant with Reapers child. I guessthrough every tragedy there is a little bit of joy? Maybe?
  • 22. So Joe is gone. Which is not great, but Ill have to cope with it.He now rests in the garden, while his daughters catch butterflies byhis graveside.
  • 23. Im pretty sure the others wont die of hunger. Look, Stars alreadycooking for herself!
  • 24. Dear Diary,Joe passed away recently. Yet Im showing signs of a pregnancy. Howis this possible?! must be pretty surprising to discover youre carrying Deaths baby,I guess.
  • 25. All of this death comes with free mental breakdowns, too! What abargain!“Just try to relax. Dont even think about the fact youre a widow withtwo uncontrollable children and a third one on the way.”“I feel so much better remembering that fact.”
  • 26. “* sigh * Joes dead.”Yes, and youre stuck with me for a creator, who has NO pictures ofyour pregnancy because she left the game unpaused by accidentwhen she ran downstairs to have a debate with her brother.True story.
  • 27. Still, the kids seem okay even after my mistake.Star brought home Isaiah Gavigan, a bin sim, who gets along well withVogue. Childhood friends? Most definitely!
  • 28. This has taught me to double-check my game is paused beforerunning off. Its time for the third child to be born.“I stink!”“Vogue! Ill change you later, babys coming!”
  • 29. Nothing quite like giving birth when surrounded by strangers, is there?“Look a baby!”Its another girl! This one is named Story, because I have the Toy Story3 DVD on my desk. If she was a boy her named would have beenPixar. :D
  • 30. That night, Vogue grew up, wearing pink pyjamas, no less.Shes adorable! Out of Star and Vogue, Vogue got the most Joegenes, I think.
  • 31. Looks like Vogue got the smustling genes, too, smustling right in frontof the fridge her father couldnt find.Yes, I do love Vogue...Im not allowed to have favourites, though.
  • 32. Star and Vogue get along well, too. Yes, that is Vogue in the bluesnowsuit, not some random boy.For some reason, they play rock-paper-scissors outside, by Joes grave.Its strange, they dont ever play that game in the house.
  • 33. Pretty soon, its time for Story to grow into a toddler.
  • 34. Shes adorable, but looks the same as every other death baby. Ahwell. Shes still the daughter of Death.
  • 35. Story automatically becomes a handful after she grows up. Everythnigfrom playing in the toilet to splashing in the puddles in the brokenbathroom.
  • 36. This annoys her mother.“Ugh, the bathrooms a wreck! Mental breakdown!”
  • 37. Did I mention that Vogue also inherited the slouch?Also, she grew up into the red private school uniform. The slouchingand uniform do not work well together, but the uniforms pretty cool.
  • 38. Maybe Star did get her smustling skills from her mother.
  • 39. The family that smustles together, stays together, but Vogue is toobusy throwing a tantrum to join in at this moment in time.Low aspiration! Yay!
  • 40. Even Story joins in with the dancing! Its just Vogue too busy to join in.
  • 41. Breakdowns are all the rage, apparently. All the cool kids haveimaginary therapists, of course.
  • 42. Because Sam is lonely (and still rolling wants for babies) I call up thegypsy matchmaker again.
  • 43. “My husbands dead, find me a new one?”The Matchmaker looks very unimpressed but obliges.
  • 44. And she drops us Toby Bruenig. Unreasonable love for the GardenClub, methinks.
  • 45. Sam seems to like him, though. Maybe shell slowly work her waythrough the Garden Club?
  • 46. “Youre a widow with three kids. I dont think so.”Toby and Sam just dont click, and the date ends as “okay”. Ah well.Maybe next time.
  • 47. Here is where I will leave you, this time!Join me and Supers next time for more cute/smustling/random stuffand teenagers! Also, Ill be holding the heir poll after the next chapter!Thanks for reading!
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