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Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapters 8-12 Study GuideTheir Eyes Were Watching God Chapters 8-12 Study GuideChapters 7 and 81.) Explain the following metaphor: She was a rut in the road. Plenty of life beneath the surface but it was kept beaten down by the wheels. (pg 76)2.) How does Janie deal with her unhappy life with Joe? (pg 77)3.) Explain Joes motivation for striking Janie.4.) Detail the circumstances surrounding Jodys death.5.) Describe Janies reaction to Joes death. (pg 87)Chapters 9 and 106.) Contrast Janies inward emotions with her outward appearances at Joes death/funeral.7.) How does Janie feel about Nanny?8.) What are Janies feelings about finding a new mate after Joes death?9.) Describe Tea Cake. How do he and Janie meet?10.) Why is the fact that Tea Cake asks Janie to play checkers significant to Janie?Chapters 11 and 1211.) How does Tea Cake convince Janie that his feelings for her are sincere?12.) Detail the towns reaction to Janie and Tea Cakes courtship.13.) Pheoby approaches Janie with some concerns about Tea Cakes interest in Janie. How does Janie discredit the notion that Tea Cake is out to get her money?14.) Explain Janies belief that marriage is a gamble and why she is willing to take a chance with Tea Cake.