Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Get Started with App Store Optimization (ASO) - Webinar

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DCI recently presented a webinar titled Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Get Started with App Store Optimization (ASO). The webinar covered important topics such as: - An introduction to app stores and the market share of top players - Why app store search matters - The different aspects of ASO - Using keyword tools - Common ASO mistakes - What developers need to do to attract attention in a crowded app store, increase discoverability and drive downloads


  • Tips, Tricks &

    Strategies to Get

    Started with ASO (App

    Store Optimization)

    By Dot Com Infoway Make your apps discoverable

  • App Stores

    An online marketplace where users of smartphones and other mobile devices can

    browse, purchase, and download applications, or "apps", that augment the

    capabilities of their devices. While Apple, Inc. created the original "App Store" for

    iPhone apps, and claims copyright to the term, online stores selling mobile apps for

    other platforms are also referred to as "app stores".

    List of top mobile app distribution platforms (App Stores)

    iOS App Store

    Google Play Store

    BlackBerry World

    Windows Phone Store

    Amazon Appstore

  • Apps published on various platforms

    On an average, 2371 New Apps are published every day.

    Android 47%

    iOS 41%

    Windows Mobile 12%

    90 New developers publish an App on iOS each day, versus 75 on Google Play.

    It is easy for your App to get lost in the competition

  • What is App Store Optimization?

    App Store optimization, (ASO) is altering the app store title and its keywords to

    gain a higher ranking in search results on the App Store.

    App store optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile

    app (such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone app) in an app store

    (such as iTunes or Google Play for Android). App store optimization is closely

    related to search engine optimization. Specifically, app store optimization includes

    the process of ranking highly in an app store's search results and top charts

    rankings. Wikipedia

  • Why App Store Search Matters?

    With over 2 million mobile apps in the major app stores,

    getting your app discovered

    is one of the biggest issues

    facing mobile app publishers


    More apps are discovered through search than any

    other method

  • Why App Store Search Matters?

    For an average app, search actually

    makes up the vast majority of


    12 percent of daily active users

    (DAU) search for apps daily, 50

    percent of DAU search for apps

    weekly and Google sees six million

    unique phrases searched monthly

    in Google Play Store - Ankit Jain,

    Head of Search and Discovery

    Google Play

  • Why App Store Search Matters?

    The higher your app ranks in an app stores

    search results, the more visible it is to potential

    customers. That increased visibility tends to

    translate into more traffic to your apps page in

    the app store.

    The goal of ASO is to drive more traffic to your

    apps page in the app store, so searchers can

    take a specific action: downloading your app.

  • Meta Data

    App Title

    App Description

    App Icon

    App Screenshot



    Google Play only

    App Type

    App YouTube Demo

  • Other Factors

    App Reviews

    App Ratings

    App Downloads

  • App Title

    Branding is the Key

    Include keyword in your title. Based on the top 25 ranking positions, it was

    calculated that an app which includes keyword in its title is ranked 10.3%

    higher than the ones that do no have keywords. (Source: MobileDevHQ)

    Almost 50% of apps now contain some sort of keyword in their title.

    Bigger brands too optimize the title

    Gmail email from Google

    Skype - free IM & video calls

    App name in Apple App store can be up to 255 characters long but the

    user can see only upto 35 characters in their iPhone.

    For Android, the maximum character for app title is 30

  • App Title Business Card Reader App

  • App Description

    The intro lines are whats shown to users before they click More to expand

    the description at the fold.

    Show your best writing skills in the initial paragraph with marketing appeal.

    USP Statement

    Your app is ideal for declaration

    A short snippet from the app review from popular sites : A must have for

    travellers! TechCrunch

    Reasons to download: Free upgrades for life!

    Numbers of downloads or users (if its large)

    Other apps youve created: From the creators of _______

    There is a 4000 character limit on descriptions for both Apple App store and

    Google Play store. Its important to localize your description for important


  • App Description Example 1

  • App Description Example 2

  • App Icon

    Your product icon can make or break your success

    Make sure your icon or logo clearly and creatively expresses your app.

    Dont include words

    Dont standard gloss

    Simple is good. Simple is clear.

    Stand out from the crowd

    Icon/App consistency

    For business apps, keep the icon consistent with the rest of your business logos,

    colors and style.

    For games, make sure your icon reflects a key element of your game. Its also helpful

    if the icon conveys the gameplay to let users know if they will be interested in it.

  • App Icon Example

    App Icon For Pizza Shop App Icon For Travel plans

  • App Screenshot

    Display some eye-catching screenshots of your app in action.

    Give clear and detailed screenshots of your app and highlight all the best

    parts of your app with multiple screen shots.

    The App Store allows you to upload five screenshots of your app. Be sure to

    use every single one!

    You can add some simple text or additional graphics to your screenshots to

    drive home the benefits of your app.

  • App Screenshot Pizza Hut

  • App Screenshot Card Reader App

  • App Screenshot Car Racing App

  • App Keywords

    The Keyword Field in iOS is a 100 character field which you can use to tell

    iTunes search for which keywords you should show up

    Focus on relevancy, search volume, and difficulty.

    Don't use multiple word phrases; break out to individual words

    Don't repeat keywords that are already in your title

    Separate your keywords by commas but do not use spaces you should

    use keyword1,keyword2 instead of keyword1, keyword2.

    Use ASO Tools

    In Google Play, the app description has to be optimized.

  • Keyword Tools

    Brain Storming

    Google Keyword Planer



    Sensor Tower

  • Google Keyword Planner Step 1

    Sign-in with your account

  • Google Keyword Planner Step 2

    Search for new keywords

  • Google Keyword Planner Step 3

  • Search Man Step 1

  • Search Man Step 2

    Search similar/competitor apps

  • Search Man Step 3

    Analyze competitor keywords

  • Sensor Tower Step 1

  • Sensor Tower Step 2

    Enter your Apps name

  • Sensor Tower Step 3

    Then Click Keyword Suggestions in left sidebar menu,

  • Google Play only

    App Type - Google categorizes apps into two main types. They are applications

    and games. Mark your app appropriately.

    App YouTube Demo Upload a YouTube video that highlights all the best parts of

    your app.

    Leverage Google Plus - All apps have a Google Plus plugin. The more pluses your

    app gets, the more visible it will be in the Play Store.

  • App Reviews, Ratings

    The more favorable reviews your app receives, the higher the conversion rate.

  • App Reviews, Ratings

    Use app reviews as a feedback to continuously improve your app.

  • App Reviews, Ratings

    Make sure your app has a sufficient amount of detailed and genuine reviews.

  • App Reviews, Ratings

    Ratings are also a direct reflection of your apps performance

    People will almost always download an app that has a high percentage of positive


  • Conclusion

    To reap the rewards of ASO, you need to invest time and effort. If you do,

    youll have a consistent channel driving traffic to your app.

    ASO is a useful set of techniques used to increase discoverability through

    keywords, complementary screenshots and most importantly

    understanding how users are looking for apps.

    ASO is just one of many approaches to attract attention in a crowded app

    store, the main one being: having a great app thats worth discovering in

    the first place.

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