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    Course Overview

    What is IT training and the role of the trainer?

    The theory behind learning - an introduction to learning theory and understanding why some people find it difficult to learn

    o Kolb experiential learning cycle o Honey and Mumford learning styles o VAK sensory styles

    Course Design - an introduction to the five stages of course design the training cycle

    o Analysing training needs

    o Designing a training course

    Identifying Course content and structure Writing aims and objectives Planning the individual IT training sessions

    The importance of giving the Big Picture overview A variety of methods of training delivery A variety of learning methods How to make the learning stick How the learning will be reviewed and assessed How to evaluate the learning

    o Developing effective IT training materials

    Written materials, exercises, activities, handouts, manuals IT materials Using PowerPoint as a training tool tips and tricks Using visual aids, flipcharts

    o The importance of preparation

    Pre-course preparation the trainer and the learner Training resources, the room layout, technical equipment

    o Delivering the training

    The importance of getting off to a good start Motivating reluctant learners Presentation skills and body language Communication skills Developing an effective use of questions Managing the group dynamics Dealing with difficult IT delegates

    o Difficult situations in IT Training

    o The end of the course evaluation and applying the learning

    o Practical application preparation and delivery of short IT training session by each

    delegate with feed back from the tutor and other delegates together with the opportunity to have a video taken of the delivery

    The course may also be customised into a bespoke course relevant to customers requirements to be held over 2 or 3 days or to cover an individual IT software rollout.


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