Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire

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No of reportees:- Training Needs Analysis Form Name of reportee:- the Name of the Manager:Please answer the questions below keeping your reportees in your mind. Strongly disagree Is aware of the overall business of the organisation. Is professional and well groomed. Is a pro active individual and shows a lot of enthusiasm in the work Speaks English good enough to carry on work related activities. Is able to write grammatically well structured e-mails Can express his thoughts speaks up in the meetings. and Slightly disagree neutral Slightly agree Strongly agree Communicates and works in association with other team members. Prefers a top- down approach. Completes the given tasks before time Always aware of what is being done. Is free to discuss when new ideas strike. Is comfortable in giving receiving negative feed back and Finds out some time for himself during the office hours Enjoys others success and shares the responsibility for a dip in the performance. Page 1 of 2 Page 2 of 2