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TroubleshootingWhat you can do to find the source of the problemAngelika Zerfa, zerfass@zaac.dezerfass@zaac.deUser:Oh, no!Sh.., what was that?!PANIC, what do I do now?zerfass@zaac.deMy [insert name of tool] doesnt workAll my text is goneThe system crashes all the timeI get an error and can't work any more!Messages to PM, colleague, support hotlinezerfass@zaac.deTroubleshootingDoes that somehow sound familiar?Time to get the detective work startedHow to find out what the issue REALLY isStrategies to find solutions zerfass@zaac.deAs a userREAD THE ERROR MESSAGE When trying to open a Word file in Trados Studio Studio can deal with regular Word files and bilingual Word files from older Trados versions or Wordfast The style tw4winMark is used for the Workbench markers {0>xxxxxyyyyyzerfass@zaac.deAs a userREAD THE ERROR MESSAGE The names of worksheets in Excel may not be longer than 31 characters. The worksheet name is marked in Studio in the structure columnzerfass@zaac.deIf the error message is unhelpfulObject reference not set to an instance of an objectMake a screenshot of the error messageIf there is a save button or an expand button, use them to get the full error messageTry to reproduce the error message and document the stepsWhat does it mean?The system is trying to access something that is not there any more This could be anything, from a TM file that has been moved to the user profile file that has not been saved correctly last timezerfass@zaac.deObject reference not set to an instance of an objectTrados StudioRestore the layout of the windows in the editor (View menu -> Reset Windows Layoutzerfass@zaac.deObject reference not set to an instance of an objectTrados StudioDelete the projects.xml file (C:\Users\username\Documents\Studio 2014\Projects) Open the projects again via File -> Open -> Open projectThe error could occur because the folder of a project was deleted, but not from within Studio, but in Windows Explorer. This means the projects.xml lists a project that is not there any more.zerfass@zaac.deObject reference not set to an instance of an objectTrados StudioDelete the profile filesClose Studio and go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\XX.X.0.0\BaseSettings.xmlPlugincache.xmlUserSettings.xmlzerfass@zaac.deObject reference not set to an instance of an objectmemoQmemoQ does not startGo toC:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\memoQ, and delete the Preferences.xml file.zerfass@zaac.deIf the error message is unhelpfulLook up the error message in the support databases of the tools providers, mailing lists, translator portalshttp://kb.sdl.com (Forums on Trados, memoQ, Worfast)Tools groups on yahoogroups (tw_users, dj vu)Google the error messageIf you have a support agreement, send the full error message text and the steps to reproduce to the tools provider (send them the file or a part of the file as well, they will ask for it anyhow)zerfass@zaac.deIf you try to solve an issue for someone elseTry to reproduce the issueAsk for all files and settings involvedAsk what the user was doing (exactly)Ask for the configuration of the system (OS, Office, translation tool version)Ask for a screenshot of the error message and when exactly it showed upIf you can reproduce the error, it often rules out simple user errors zerfass@zaac.deBe systematicTry to rule out as many areas as possibleCould it be that the user is trying to do something that the tool cannot doTrying to open a translation from within a zip file without unzipping it firstCould it have to do with the input fileA file with the extension DOC which is actually a DOCX or RTF file (because it was not re-saved but only the extension was changed)Could it have to do with settingsCould it be the version of the toolzerfass@zaac.deError CategoriesUser errorTrying to open a file for translation from the TMs file menu instead from the editors file menuFeature not supported in the applicationTrying to open a file format that is not directly supported like INDD, FM, IDML for older tool versionsBug in the applicationzerfass@zaac.deError CategoriesInput fileInvalid XML file, corrupt Word fileFile sizePassword protectedScanned PDFTrack changes still activatedFile handlingUnexpected file corruption through unintentional processing-> zip all files that are to be sent by e-mail, especially XML files and text-based filesOpening a file from within an e-mail, instead of saving the file to a folder firstzerfass@zaac.deError CategoriesIncompatibilities between installed versions of the tool and/or other toolsCertain add-ins in Word were problematic with the Trados toolbarMultiple MultiTerm versions dont work togetherWorking with Workbench and Studio in parallel might stop term recognition from workingIncompatibility with Frameworks like Java Runtime Environment, .Net framework or a new Windows updateMultiTerm needs a specific Java version and the Next Generation Java plugin deactivatedzerfass@zaac.deError CategoriesOther, recently installed software Especially anti-virus software like Kaspersky or McAfeeWindows relatedPath to file too long (up to 260 are allowed)This does not have to be the path to the translation file but could be the path to a file created by the translation tool, such as a preview file in memoQ)Tool not installed with administrator rightsRandom phenomenonFirst time the error occurs, the next time it doesntzerfass@zaac.deUser errorsSometimes users make incorrect assumptions on what the function will do, so they do not provide the input in a meaningful way for the machineRenaming files that must not be renamed (for example in HTML projects)Leaving text untranslatedTrados will keep the original textmemoQ will NOT keep the original textzerfass@zaac.deSettings in the toolTry changing the parametersActivate / deactivate other options of the function you are trying to useTry an alternative waySave a DOC file to RTF or DOCXSave an XLS to XLSXTry the same file with a different translation toolzerfass@zaac.deFile / File Name / File FormatOfficeOpen and RepairSave in different format (DOC DOCX/RTF)Copy content to new file InDesign / FrameMakerSave file again to interchange format from original file (INX or IDML for InDesign, MIF for FrameMaker)To save to INX, IDML or MIF, the original application is needed in the correct version and with the customer fontsFile is too large -> split fileShorten file name/pathFile name is invalid (demo.docx_trans)Note: make sure that you can see the file extensions on your computer, a demo.docx file might just be a demo.docx.sdlxliff file if the file extensions are not shownzerfass@zaac.deTools / Tool VersionsCheck if the version of the tool you use supports the feature you are trying to useSupport for new file formats like IDML, MIF10, Office 2007/2010Ex: Trados 2007 supports DOCX, Trados 5.5 does not, but 5.5 can read TTX -> when saved in 5.5, TTX header will be corrupted, file will not open any more in Trados 2007Different tools (sometimes even different versions of one tool) create different word counts and statistics which are NOT comparableBackup projects with memoQ 4.5 cannot be opened in version 5.0zerfass@zaac.deComputerMemory issues might be resolved byClosing memory hungry applications (Word, Outlook)Closing some of the 20 applications open at the same timeClearing the memory by restarting the machineDeleting the content of the waste basket and temporary files from your browser as well as not saving everything on the desktop zerfass@zaac.deComputerCheck if the version of Windows makes a differenceTrados 2007 works fine on XP, but needs to be installed explicitly with admin rights on Win7 and does not work at all on Win8MultiTerm 2011 does not work well on Windows 8, MultiTerm 2014 does zerfass@zaac.deBe systematic in testing, tooWhenever you try out something, make a note of what you triedin what sequencewith what settingswith which fileAnd note the resultswhat you expectedwhat actually happened zerfass@zaac.deTest Protocolzerfass@zaac.deFor the futureTo avoid having to troubleshoot the same things over and over again, considerdocumenting the errors, their causes and their solutions in a WIKI, databasecreating instructions for your customerscreating processing instructions for users of a certain tool/version/OS combinationcreating checking utilities for pre-processing and post-processing filesusing existing QA checking tools to the fullestzerfass@zaac.deSupport DatabaseSammlung von Supportfllen und weiteren Beschreibungen in einer Lexican Datenbank (netzwerkfhig)zerfass@zaac.deVisualization / mind WIKIExample of checklist for file formats31zerfass@zaac.deSome of my favoritesWord file does not exportError while writing breaksThe original file has page or section breaks where there is no paragraph mark before the breakWord file does not importFile type not foundWhen DOC file is to be imported into Studio, MS Word has to be installed (DOCX works without a Word installation)InDesign file imports only partiallyTracked changes were not accepted -> all text that contained tracked changes was not imported and therefore not translatedzerfass@zaac.deWhat are our first steps?Import/Export issuesImport the file, copy source to target and export again. If this works, the file is OK. If not, the file might be the problem.Resaving to a different formatDOC/PPT/XLS to RTF or DOCX/PPTX/XLSXCopy content to a new fileOpen and repairSplit the file to see which part workszerfass@zaac.deWhat are our first steps?Import/Export issuesTake the bilingual file to another toolSDLXLIFF from Studio 2011 saves to target in Studio 2014, but not in Studio 2011SDLXLIFF creates a TM in memoQ, original file pre-translated in memoQWhat is your most-hated error message?Angelika Zerfa,


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