Two flags, two recipes

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Istituto Comprensivo Giovanni Palombini Roma. Comenius Project Dynamic citizens of Europe. Two flags, two recipes. Classe III A Plesso E. Salgari Anno scol . 2013-2014. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Two flags, two recipes

Comenius ProjectDynamic citizens of EuropeIstituto Comprensivo Giovanni PalombiniRoma

Classe III A Plesso E. Salgari Anno scol. 2013-2014

We were divided in two groups

to make the two flags.

We prepared the Italian flag with dried tomatoes, green olives and white pizza, the ingredients of pizza golosina.

We made the British flag with the ingredients for a jam cake: white sugar powder, blueberry jam and raspberry jam.

It was nice working together with you, thanks!


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