Unit 4 Weather Let’s Talk 2 (Second Edition). www.themegallery.com Unit 4 Weather 4A What’s the weather like? Unit 4 4B Extreme weather.

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  • Unit 4 WeatherLets Talk 2 (Second Edition)

  • Unit 4 Weather 4AWhats the weather like?Unit 44BExtreme weather

  • 2A Whats the weather like?Activity 3Activity 2Lead-incontentsActivity 1

  • Lead-in1. Whats the weather like today? 2. Whats the weather going to be like tomorrow? 3. How can we know the weather? 4. What is the telephone number of the weather report?

  • 1. (It's) raining cats and dogs4. under the weather

    Lead-in: Idioms about weather2. a fair-weather friend 3. quick as a flash / quick as lightning 5. A heavy snow, a rich year. Give their Chinese and recite them.

  • 1. (its) raining cats and dogs 4. under the weather Idioms about the weather:2. a fair-weather friend 3. quick as a flash / quick as lightning Give their Chinese and recite them.5. A heavy snow, a rich year.

  • Relevant Words (adj.)sunnypartly cloudywindyrainysnowy

  • showerystormyicybreezy

  • fogfrostlightning More Words (n.)sleet ()

  • snowstorm

    Relevant Words (n.)droughtfloodhail

  • Centigrade & Fahrenheit the Celsius (centigrade) system, which is the one used in most countries. In Western countries the Fahrenheit system is also used. Temperatures are very often given in both ways. And please note temperatures are always given in degrees (plural form). For example, 0 degrees. C= (F-32)*5/9; F= (C*5/9)+32.

  • Activity 1 Objectives:

    Listening & speakingTo describe weather conditions Vocabulary: chilly, foggy, humid, icy

  • Activity 1 A Work aloneReview the words and then describe the weather in each place.

  • Activity 1A Work aloneModel: P1: Its very foggy in San Francisco.

    Model and practice:P2: In Taipei, it looks stormy and windy.

    P3: In Geneva, its snowy and icy.

    P4: In Rio de Janeiro, its warm and sunny.

  • What a beautiful/lovely/awful/terrible day! There is not a cloud in the sky. Its not too hot and not too cold. I hate to work in hot weather. The hot weather makes me lazy. When are we getting warmer weather? Data bank

  • Im going to wear my heavy coat. Are we going to get much snow this winter? Its usually warm in New York in the spring. Whats it like outside? I dont mind the heat. I cant stand it. Its freezing!

    Data bank

  • Activity 1B Pair Work1(open answers)

  • Activity 1B Pair WorkModels:A: Would you like to visit any of the places in Part A? B: Id like to visit Geneva. Snowy weather doesnt bother me. A: Are you sure? L hate snowy and icy weather when I travel.

    A: Whats the weather like here today?B: Its sunny and hot today.A: I dont think its so hot. Id say its sunny and warm today.

  • Activity 1B Pair WorkModels (continued)A: Whats the weather like last weekend?B: Lets see. I think it was cloudy and warm.

    A: Is your favorite season spring, summer, fall or winter? Why?B: My favorite season is the summer. I love to go to the beach. A: Not me. Im just the opposite. I love the winter because I love to ski.

  • Activity 2 A Objectives:

    To talk about that the weather can affect peoples moods; to discuss activities enjoyed on certain weather conditions


    irritable: easily annoyed or made angrymood: the way you feel at a particular time

  • Activity 2 A Pair work How does weather affect your mood? Use the words in the boxes and your own ideas. cheerful depressed energetic irritable lazy sleepy(open answers)

  • * Activity 2 B Pair workThink about next weekend. What do you want to do if its warm and sunny? Write the things.

  • * Activity 2 C Join another pairCompare your ideas. Choose the best things to do.

  • Activity 3 Objectives: To understand weather forecast; To talk about weather in the past and in the future

  • Activity 3A listeningYou will hear the weather forecast for next weekend. Write the weather and temperatures.23sunny24cloudy20rainy15dry, cold10warm, sunny19windy18stormy, hot, humid30

  • Now the weather report for today and tomorrow:Its foggy in the morning and itll be clear and fine this afternoon. Tomorrow will be overcast with drizzle. Today, the high will be 12. Tomorrow the low will be 6 . Model 3/126 Weather report key

  • Weather report A weather report:Its hot and sunny in Miami today, with the temperature of about 90 F. Its going to be cloudy and cool tomorrow, about 70 F.Practice9070 key

  • * Activity 3B Pair workIs the weather forecast better for Saturday or Sunday?2. What do you think the weather will really be like next weekend?3. Which day last week had the best weather? What did you do?4. Whats your favorite type of weather? Why? Discuss these questions.

  • 4B Extreme weatherSelf-studyActivity 3Activity 2Activity 1

  • Activity 1 Pair work Objectives: 1) To talk about extreme weather conditions 2) To share stories about personal experiences with bad weather Vocabulary: blizzard, drought, extreme, flood, frostbite, heat wave, power loss, typhoon, wildlifeWarm-up Activities

  • Volcanotyphoon Extreme Weatherheat waveblizzardsLead- in

  • Extreme WeatherthunderstormstornadoesMeteoritehurricane

  • Avalanchelandslide/ rockslide, mudslide TsunamiExtreme Weather

  • Activity 1A Work aloneLook at these pictures. Have you ever been in these type of weather? How did you feel?

  • Activity 1B&C Pair workWhich words and phrases in the box go with each kind of weather? write them in the chart. (More than one answer is possible)

  • Activity 1B & C Join another pairCompare your ideas. Can you add more words and phrases in the chart?(Possible answers)Typhoons: closed roads, floods, high winds, power losses, traffic accidents, cancelled flights and ferries, rough seasBlizzards: closed roads, frostbite, high winds, power losses, traffic accidents, closed schools, closed airportsHeat waves: drought, power losses, wildfires, sunstroke, heat exhaustion, limited water use, overcrowded swimming pools

  • * Activity 1D Group workDiscuss these questions.Where are typhoons common? Blizzard? Heat waves?2. Is there extreme weather where you live? What kind?3. What kinds of weather are most dangerous? Why?

    (open answers)

  • Activity 2A Pair work Objectives: To understand and discuss advice on safe precautions during a thunderstorm Vocabulary: disconnect, hill, metalWarm-up Activities

  • Activity 2A&B Work Alonewhat should you do if you are outside during a thunderstorm? Circle your guesses. Track 13

  • Activity 2A&B Work Alonewhat should you do if you are outside during a thunderstorm? Circle your guesses. Track 13

  • Activity 2C Pair workwhat should you do if you are inside during a thunderstorm? Circle your guesses. track 14

  • Activity 2C Pair workwhat should you do if you are inside during a thunderstorm? Circle your guesses. track 14

  • * Activity 3 Group workDo you remember a day that particularly hot or cold?2. Have you ever been in a violent thunderstorm? What did you do?3. Have you ever been in a heavy snowstorm? What did you do?Discuss these questions.(open answers)


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