UNIT FOUR Sacraments of Healing. I. Reconciliation.

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  • UNIT FOURSacraments of Healing

  • I. Reconciliation

  • Stories to KnowI. ReconciliationA.

    Story What HappensWhat it tells us about Gods ForgivenessThe prodigal sonThe lost sheepThe unforgiving servantThe woman caught in adulteryThe criminal who repented

  • Words to KnowI. ReconciliationB. Conversion- turning to God with all of your heart.

  • Words to know2. Sin- anything you choose to say, think, or do that breaks Gods law.

    I. ReconciliationB.

  • Words to knowI. ReconciliationB.3. Contrition- feeling sorry for your sins.

  • Words to knowI. ReconciliationB.4. Conscience- our ability to know the difference between right and wrong.

  • All About SinI. ReconciliationC.1. Sin isnt what you do, ITS WHY YOU DO IT!

  • All About SinI. ReconciliationC.2. You can sin with:ActionsWordsThoughtsThings you dont do

  • All About SinI. ReconciliationC.3. You cant sin by accident!

  • Types of SinI. ReconciliationD.1. Mortal Sins- the worst sins, which turn us completely away from God.God still loves youYou can be forgiven!

  • Types of SinI. ReconciliationD.2. Venial sins- less serious sins that weaken your relationship with God.

  • Types of SinI. ReconciliationD.3. Social sins- sins committed by groups of people.

  • Types of SinI. ReconciliationD.4. Sins of omission- sinning by not doing something good you should have done.

  • Who receives it1. Baptized Catholics.

    I. ReconciliationE.

  • Who Reconciles Others1. Priests and bishops give this Sacrament to others.

    I. ReconciliationF.

  • What it does Forgives ALL of our sins.God forgets them

    I. ReconciliationG.

  • What it does 2. Reconciles us with God and the Church.

    I. ReconciliationG.

  • What it does 3. Strengthens us to resist future sins.

    I. ReconciliationG.

  • Symbolic actions Examination of conscienceThink about what youve done.

    I. ReconciliationH.

  • Symbolic actions ConfessionTell the priest your sins.

    I. ReconciliationH.

  • Symbolic actions3. Act of ContritionTelling God youre sorry.

    I. ReconciliationH.

  • Symbolic actions4. Receive your penanceDo something to help make things right again.

    I. ReconciliationH.

  • Symbolic actions5. AbsolutionGod forgives your sins.

    I. ReconciliationH.

  • Seal of Confession Priests cannot say anything that you tell them in confession.

    I. ReconciliationI.

  • Seal of Confession2. Respected by courts.Priests dont have to say what someone said in Reconciliation. I. ReconciliationI.

  • II. Anointing of the Sick

  • Words to know Oileum infirmorum- the oil of the sick used to anoint people.

    II. Anointing of the SickA.

  • Who receives it1. Baptized Catholics that have illnesses.You can receive it more than once.

    II. Anointing of the SickB.

  • Who receives it2. Can receive it anywhere.Many people can also receive it as part of a special Mass at Church.

    II. Anointing of the SickB.

  • Who Anoints OthersII. Anointing of the SickC.1. Given by bishops and priestsMembers of their family or Church should be there to pray with them.

  • What it does Heals people spiritually, and sometimes physically.This renews their faith in God.

    II. Anointing of the SickD.

  • What it does 2. Unites people to Christ and his suffering.

    II. Anointing of the SickD.

  • What it does 3. In some cases, it prepares people for death.

    II. Anointing of the SickD.

  • Symbolic actions Say the prayer of faithPray for the person who is sick.

    II. Anointing of the SickE.

  • Symbolic actions Laying on of handsPriest or bishop lays his hands on the head of the ill person and prays.

    II. Anointing of the SickE.

  • Symbolic actions3. Priest or bishop anoints the persons forehead and hands with oileum infirmorum.

    II. Anointing of the SickE.

  • Last Rites Last rites- set of Sacraments given to people who are near death.Prepares soul for afterlife.

    II. Anointing of the SickF.

  • Last rites2. Usually consists of three Sacraments.1st- Reconciliation2nd- Anointing of the Sick3rd- Eucharist

    II. Anointing of the SickF.

  • Last rites3. Viaticum- giving the Eucharist to people who are dying.Part of last rites.

    II. Anointing of the SickF.


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