USC GA Minutes - August 18, 2014

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USC GA Minutes - August 18, 2014


USC 2014-2015 Emergency GAAttendees Chairperson Arjay Mercado (7:27pm) Vice Chairperson JP delas Nieves (7:27pm)

CouncilorsCouncilor Jamie Bawalan (7:27pm)Councilor Pola Lamarca (7:27pm)Councilor V Manalo (7:27pm)Councilor AJ Montesa (7:27pm)Councilor Raymond Rodis (7:27pm)Councilor Reg Rodriguez (7:27pm)Councilor Carl Santos (7:27pm)Councilor Walter Tamayo (7:27pm)Councilor Mench Tilendo (7:27pm)

College Representatives:College of Architecture Rep. Ralph Alba (7:27pm)College of Business Administration Rep. Aaron Letaba (7:27pm)College of Engineering Rep. Leo Lobigan (7:27pm)College of Engineering Rep. Cheryl Sy (7:27pm)College of Human Kinetics Rep. Roi Marcial (7:27pm)College of Social Sciences and Philipophy Rep. Allan Pangilinan (7:27pm)National College of Public Administration and Governance Rep. Mikhail Solitario (7:27pm)School of Economics Rep. Baba Foronda (7:27pm)School of Statistics Rep. IC Mendoza (7:27pm)

Absentees:Councilor Jethro David Councilor Mico Pangalanan Councilor Tolits Tanaka Asian Institute of Tourism Rep. Tin BactolCollege of Arts and Letters Rep. Yeye Corpus College of Education Rep. Tricia Roxas College of Fine Arts Rep. Patricia Non College of Law Rep. Kei Garcia College of Home Economics Rep. Sarah Esguerra College of Mass Communications Rep. Ben Opinion College of Music Rep. Gabby Tinio College of Science Rep. Ryan Lintao College of Social Welfare and Community Development Rep. Audrey Antoniano School of Library and Information Science Rep. Chen Tan


1. Student Code 2. Magna Carta 3. Pride Week4. Budget Campaign5. Calendaring6. Other Matters

General Assembly ProperMeeting officially started at 7:27pm.

Student Code C/o Councilor Lamarca and Chairperson MercadoMercado: Nakalagay na doon na recruitment na yung term at hindi accepting. Ang advice natin sa orgs, from Thursday until this week, until di pa nasesettle yung definitions, dapat branded siya as introducing the organization. Advice natin na hindi recruitment, ang peg ay introduce the org. Why? We dont want to delay the app process and take care of their welfare as well. We submitted a position paper kanina sa OVCSA, si Pola yung nagsulat. Consistent tayo sa sinubmit natin before. Pola attended the BOR meeting, narinig niya na during that meeting, yung definition was swearing in at hindi kasama doon yung app process. It came as a surprise, even coming from OVCSA. Wala pang final version yung student code. Talagang nagkagulatan. Ang ginawa ng OVCSA at Chancellors office ay gumawa ng request na irelease yung transcript ng meeting. Ano yung hiningi natin sa stand natin,Hindi pwede gamiting yung unang position paper against us. Yung position paper ay recruitment means sign up, etc while accepting is induction etc. Our call is, first, abrupt siya at unfair. By virtue of fairness, ang kailangan gamitin ay induction. Tomorrow, may meeting yung IRR committee ng OVCSA, para malaman na natin. We will be calling for an ALC on Friday, pero meron tayong freshie concert. Yung UFM team, kahit wag na kayo pumunta. Kasama narin LCC dito. Ito yung important na maexplain, na yung campaign natin ay 2 levels. Yung unang level ay sa OVCSA, na definitions lang ang kayang ipaglaban doon. Merong second level of campaign sa BOR level na no to ban at all. Pero sa OVCSA level, yun na yung extreme na kayang ihingi for the time being sa kanila. Ngayon, ito yung perfect time to campaign for this and ramdam ng orgs yung issue. Maganda na this month, magkaroon ng mobilization sa BOR mtg specifically for this issue. Specified na hindi dapat siya umapak sa right ot peaceably assemble at right to freedom of expression this is for the OVCSA level. Sa BOR campaign, focus tayo sa recruitment ban, dahil lahat ay focused ngayon sa issue na ito. Pangalawa, I can sense na maraming susupport sa atin on this. Number one, ano yung campaign message? Maganda yung peg na parang doon sa law before. Pwede siya maging One with the 2014. Ano masasabi ng body doon?

Jamie: Mayroon bang alternatives?

Mikhail: Pwede lagyan ng s? Like one with the 2014s?

Arjay: Pwede ba yung one with the 2014s? Ano pa? Or okay na tayo doon?

Walter: Parang ang awkward?

Allan: Sa akin, retain lang yung S, go lang.

Arjay: So one with the 2014s na? Guys, papanindigan niyo ito ah.

Allan: Motion to adopt.

Pola: Wait, awkward kasi siya. Were coming from a perspective of org members. Kailangan ninyong panindigan yung panindigan na maraming freshies. This issue, is not only an issue of freshies, but of organization

JP: How about, Ban the ban?

Jamie: Maybe we should focus more on the idea of freedom.

Arjay: We can go to the issue na parang harm to freshies yung orgs.

Pola: Pressing issue na yung assumption na the mere recruitment is very harmful

Action Steps: (Chairperson Mercado)*ONLINE CAMPAIGN: 1) College Reps to get org statements. Then make a manifesto. Get all orgs to convince to make a statement on this, pati councilors. Isama yung campaign statement natin sa statement nilaa. From STRAW get a manifesto

Arjay: Ang idea is parang IDAHO na maraming statements from organizations

Allan: Maganda yung support nila yung college councilrs, maganda kung they put their own touch on it per org.

JP: Per org, maganda na ilabas yung concerns ng bawat org.

Arjay: For example, may mga religious org na nagdadasal together na wala naman talagang app process. Paano sila? Or even in music na its about training, etc.

Cheryl: Additional lang, gusto mo ban a statement tapos pipirma lahat ng orgs. Magrelease ng statement lahat ng orgs tapos sign our manifesto

Councilor Pangalanan arrives at 7:49pmCouncilor David arrives at 7:51pm2) All our orgs to sign our manifesto3) Pwedeng profile picture, pwede nating i-twibbon. 4) Magrequest ng at least 1-2 na part ng org na pumunta ng mob, this will be optional.

Arjay: Pwede problema na ayaw nila magsulat ng statement. Hindi kailanganng mahaba yung statement. Pwedeng 2 liner lang or whatever. At hinihingi natin na isama yung campain statement natin sa statement nila. Ang role niyo na iconvince sila na madami lang na gawin. Ipasend sa straw email, Kaya lang na mas intensified yung paginvite sa kanila dahil sila yung direct stakeholder on this issue. At the very least, may isang event tayo na mapakitang solid yung mga estudyante on this issue. Kailangan mapakita sa admin na unified yung mga estudyante on this issue. Sana yung mob natin ay yung maging pinakamalaking mob. I need a headcount per member. For councilors, required na magdala ng 10 per councilor and college rep. Kapag hindi magawa yung 10, magtago na kayo sa shell. 10 names by Tuesday next week.

Body agrees to 10 names by Tuesday next week, 11:59pm.

Yung program ng ganap ay iffinalize ng STRAW. Ang call time on August 28, ay 7am. Kailangan natin magrtr for this Wednesday and Friday. At the very least, lahat tayo ay required na mag 5 rooms this week for all. Assignment ay, bigyan ng classes na pupuntahan niyo for Wednesday and Friday, tapos magpapasama ako ng councilor sa inyo. Are we on this? Are we passionate on this? You should. Yung mga orgs parang excited talaga sana mapantayan natin yung enthusiasm. Thats for student code. Allan as point person for this.

Gabby Tinio arrives at 8:02pm.

*GROUND CAMPAIGN:- Mobilization on August 28 in the BOR meeting.

Magna Carta c/o councilor lamarcaPola: Iopen narin namin ito sa ALC as well as LCC. Nakita ko rin naman yung clamour and excitement nila for this given the issue were facing on the student code. This has originally bene part of my GPOA for STRAW. Basically, the UP Diliman Magna CArta shall be the embodiment for our student rights which is recognized and binding by the administration up to the BOR level. We want the students to realize that they can excersice their rights in this university. This document, were aiming that this will be a grass-roots effort. That is why were having a draft committee to formulate the draft. After which, there wil be a referundum before we submit it to the admin. Timeline was this summer, were researched on past efforts on the magna carta with examples like the efforts of former SR Krissy Conti as well as the LSG experience on creating a magna carta although unsuccessful on the admin level. LSG has been very enthusiastic to partner with us on this. Weve spoken with sila Bam Santos (Law Chair) and Kei Garcia (law rep). The second phase is the launch on the LCC and ALC. This is closely collaborative with the students for this effort. The third step is the formation of the draft committee. The drafting proper will be from September-december. This will be a series of plenaries akin to the constitutional convention but at the level of UPD. After which, we aim to have a working draft by December. Then by January, second sem, we will be embarking on the information dissemination, ratification and approval of the UC, and eventually the BOR. But before that, we have to prove that this is approved by students through a referenfum on January as the ratification process. Students will go to voting precincts for 2 days. After ratification will be proposed to the UC which is the step to the BOR. This is January onwards, this is actually a grueling process, the lobbying proper. Its actually a very amibitious process and were taking it step by step. The things to be discussed right now will be number one, the drafting proper, and number two, the selection process on the draft committee. On the drafting proper, assuming that we have chosen delegates for the draft committee. The committee will be divided into different techinal working groups. After which, we will be calling plenaries for all TWGs. The plenary is the final decision making body when it comes to the draft. This will go on from September to decemeber.On the selection process, the committee will be composed of 19 members. All chairpersons of all local councils will automatically be part of the drafting committee. Plus the USC chairperson. The next will be 25 randomly selected students. Any student of this university have a fighting chance to be a part of the draft committee. We believe that this is an empowering mechanism. We already are creating a mechanism to choose these candidates. The remaining 25 will be provided for sectoral interests. We will have a like national party-list system, like teachers, nurses. This will be a nomination process. Qualifcations, is that a duly enrolled student of this semester. Our goal is to get reps form religious orgs, varsities, etc. Then these nominees will be called to primaries to have a deliberation who will be called to be part of the 25. We wil be getting members of the USC to deliberate on this based on a provided rubric, etc. From there, sila yung papasok sa draft committee. Very technical siya, pero very positive naman kami na magawa ito.

JP: Possible ban a magkaroon ng seat for the Pampanga council?

Arjay: Pwede naman sila magenter sa lobbying sa second sem, dahil may feasibility issue na magpadala weekly ng tao for drafting.

JP: Pero halimbawa na willing sila, should we include them?

Pola: We can find a way.

Jamie: Siguro we can advice them to nominate someone who can really be there.

Pola: so yun yung mga basics about it, well be releasing a calendar about it. On the preparations, these nominees will be equipt to draft. There will be workshops on these drafters. Workshop on roberts rules as well as national and local situationers. Mayroon bang mga questions? In the draft committee, were just very concerned na hindi namin nacoconsider. For the steering committee, I am the head. Jamie is my deputy. 2 members of my TF as secretariat Mariel Cunanan and Joshua Paderna. Kei Garcia and Lance Ortiz to consult for the drafters. For EdRes, we have Allan and Carlos Cabaero. For publicity, Gabby Tinio and Jane Verano. Yun lang naman for the magna carta.

Pride WeekArjay: Partnership ito with UP Babaylan. This is their event na nagstart ito 6 years before na hindi pa Katie up yung USC then. We want this to be a university event. Instead na student-centric yung pride week, we want to tbe community based na kasma yung faculty, staff, etc. Nakausap ko na si Sir Neill na maging partnership siya with Sir Neill. First day launch in the quezon hall. Lalagyan ng pakpak si Oble as well as bpagbaba ng flag ng tanghali. I have to explain na before ang pride week ay June. Ngayon, September na siya, mag mga ganap sila na org centric na magiging part ng pride week. Wednesday, educational discussion, ang ina-eye na speaker ay si Gina Lucero (first transgender to talk in ted talks) as well as Harry Roque (international human rights lawyer). Ang topic ay human rights babasagin na hindi na siya LGBt rights pero human rights. Thursday may pakain yung babaylan, tapos gabi meron tayong simultaneous film screening sa 6 na dorms. Friday pride march. Ang new ay tinatarget natin na isuspend yung class for pride march. Ipupush ni sir neill yung ROTC to join as well as staff at admin to join. Second, after the march, may concert tinatarget si Aiza Seguerra (recently nagidentify as transman). So, basically, hindi lang yun yung features before the week itself, ang hatian ay Babaylan sa concept publicitya t programs, USC on log and marketing. Before the week itself, susulatan yung deans na maglagay ng LGBT flag sa colleges. Magiinterview tayo ng LGBT admin staff and officers tapos gagawing posters sa acad oval. The message is community ganap ito. Ang target ay aattend si Chancy Tan at hihingi tayo ng commitment on anti-discrimination policy. The usual partnership mechanism remains, tatlo bronze, silver, and gold. Last year, I achieved 70 partners for this. This year, kailangan maglevel up. Last, were moving it to the 3rd week of September.

Roi Marcial leaves 8:34pm.

Budget CampaignAJ: Important yung fiscal policy (taxation and expenditure). There was a rationale of government spending to boost the economy. The second one is allocation. This has to do with specific markets. Thethird is distribution, so more on equity. And the fourth, is the development. Whats the process of budget, first is budget preparation, what happens is the DBM nagcacall ng budget call. After which, they submit to the president who forwards to congress. So youre moving for preparation to legislation. Both houses will call on their respective committees to tackle parts of the budget. They can strike down certain provisions. The president has the power to veto any line item. He cannot increase it or decrease it. Congress can overturn the veto with 2/3 vote. Increasing yung expenditure for education. This is the SUC budget since 2008. For UP, bumaba hanggang 2012 tapos tumaas noong 2013. What were talking about now trying to campaign for is a higher budget. Last year, nawala ng capital outlays portion yung UP budget. Dapat maaga palang dapat pumapasok na yung USC sa pagincrease ng budget. Pero, bumaba siya unfortunately. Just so you know, in 2011 it was 5.7B, now its 12.6B. From 9B last year, its proposed to be 12.6B. Andito narin yung breakdown. So, magbubuild sila ng bagon research center in Mindanao.

Arjay: Yung sinabi ni AJ, yun yung proposal from DBM (12.6B). Sinabi ni Pres. Pascual, this year ito yung pinakamataas na prinopose ng UP na 26B na naging 12.6B na inapprove ng DBM. These are by law. This is proposed by DBM and executive already.

AJ: Mostly, meron silang major final outputs, at bagong infrastructure na ginagawa. Reasearch centers sa UP Visayas, or buildings sa UP Diliman.

Arjay: Where do we come in, were already at the legislative part. Were already talking to representatives. August 26, magkakaroon ng first hearing sa congress for SUCs and UP budget. Ngayon, medyo happy na tumaas yung budget. Now, ako yung pupunta sa congress. Now, kailangan ko ng mode. I think tonight, lets answer the simplest, basic questions. Number one, what is the budget. What is its purpose for you.

Baba: Reflection of the priorities of the government.

Allan: Gamitin pabalik sa kanila.

Arjay: Farmers, workers, etc. And its expected na dapat sa kanila pabalik iyon. Now, very simple ang kailangan nating pagusapan tonight dahil ang aattendan kong budget hearing ay about SUCs.Yung today, why tertiary education? Para lang may uniform tayong mode. Why give budget for tertiary education.

Pola: Because tertiary education is important to equipt people to become productive members of society.

Allan: For me, pero idifferentiate na kasi sa teriary education ay advancaed na ang pagaaral, more than the degree, nakakapagbigay ng academic researches not only for the community for the welfare of the society as a whole as well.

Raymond: Education is a priority as its a human development right. Given that we wanna invest in all stages. The increase in budget for all education. It just so happens

Arjay: Ang point mo ba ay wag taasan yung sa tertiary.

Raymond: Yung saakin lang ay taasan everything. So why are you asking why teritiary?

JP: Kaya tinatanong yan ni arjay, kasi yung yung budget hearing. Yung iba naman about basic education, etc ay paguusapan natin later on.

Mico: In a different perspective, we dont have to frame it this way. Maybe we can discuss it as education as a whole.

Arjay: Can I request na tapusin lang tong question na to, then you can raise things after?

Aaron: Pwedeng tulungan muna natin si Arjay sa content ng meeting niya.

Mikhail: can you give us something prepared na? You have something prepared nab a? Para we can add up to it nalang? Kasi parang people are in agreement naman na tertiary education is important tapos nagaantayan lang tayo.

Arjay: The purpose of these questions, its because these questions are often forgotten in the campaign. I want us all to come from the same mode na may point siya for a national context. Pagkanagdemand lang tayo ng nagdemand, para lang tayong selfish spoiled brats kung di naman natin alam kung para sa ito. What I want na bago ngayon taon, lets put story to it. I dont want it to be a plain blanket campaign. I think thats quite selfish as UP students. I want the message na maging mas pabalik sa mga tao. Napagaaralin mong itong mga estudyanteng ito kasi may mapapala kayo. Before, kung matatandaan niyo, first GA may internal and external budget campaign team. Tapos mga 3 lang yung nagsign up. So, inisip ko ang budget process na inexplain ni AJ kanina ay nagsstart ng January. Theres no chance in hell na makaintervene tayo doon. Tapos nagstart tayo mga April na halos. Doon sa courtesy call namin with Chancellor Tan, even him 2 days lang yung leeway niya to comment on the budget na pinasa ng Diliman. My point is itong budget na prinopose for 2015 ay hindi consulted ang mga students. Sana last USC naging campaign na ito. Based sa paginvestigate na ginawa natin, may mga deans na hindi sila aware na part sila ng paggawa ng budget. Now, heres how its gonna go down. Ngayon, nasa stage na tayo ng legilative part ng budget. Ang naisip ko ay 3 na major na panawagan. Una, mataas na budget for education. We are definitely gonna call for a higher budget. Were fighting for a budget proposal na were never consulted. For the past how many years, never nagiging 100% sa prinopose ng UP ang naaaprobahan and people get mad about it but we were never consulted about it. We dont even know whats in the proposal. I want it to have stories. The first narrative were gonna use, is the lack of participation and consultation ng mga estudyante. Theres actually a pending 100M proposal for Vinzons hall. Alam niyo ba iyon? At hindi natin alam kung para saan siya. Ang gusto ko sanang message ay 1) why are we calling for higher budget nga ba? Ano yung mga needs ng UP? And we can compare that with what was proposed and what could be approved. Sa ngayon, yung data ni AJ ay very general data. We have to analyze ano ba yung nakikita niyong kailangan bigyan ng focus pa. yun yung gusto kong maachieve ngayon, to pinpoint the needs right now. And then, on the august 26 meeting, ineexpect ko na magkaroon ng adept knowledge about the line item budget. On a transparency mode, come January, magkakaroon ng college cluster assemblies dahil January talaga nagsstart yung budget. Tapos susulat tayo sa chancellor na magkaroo ng ganung processo ng consultation. But right now, what we can do is ask for the break down of the proposal of UP, ask it from the presidents office. Doon sa responsiblities ng public officials, nakalagay na within 15 days kailangan magrespond yung public office. Agter 15 days, follow up. Hihingiin natin yung SALN ng presidente, etc. Ang hihingiin natin ay yung budget proposed by UP. The third call is on participation, na sa January ang simula. Pero since nasa legislative part na tayo, we have to check what was approved para maassssert alin pa yung pwedeng pasukan ng additional funding. So, ang hihingiin ko sa inyo ngayon ay, ano yung ideal picture for SUCs and state Us.

Mico: I want the budget to be equally accessible to all. So, maybe kasama yan sa accessibility. Hindi lang sa economic accessibility ah. Isama narin yung sa economic accessibility.

Carl: Have you heard about masters development plan dahil isang meeting ng BOr, pinakita how they would like to implement this. Actually, hindi niya yung binagay ying copy ng per campus

Mench: Higher budget for tertiary education at irechannel din ang budget to more social services. May news na yung UFS, for dorm kami yung last batch na may bidding for concessionaire. Sobrang mahal ng pinapabayad ng UP for cafs and concessionaires. Yun yung nakikitang wala nang budget. Dagdag pa ng high budget

Arjay: definitely, maguusap tayo about

Walter: A balance of prioritization not only for sciences but also social sciences.

Carl: Maybe we can ask the queston na bakit sceinces yung priority

Arjay: Important ang wholistic development

Walter: ala kong important ang hard scinces pero bakit napagiiwanan yung course like SSP or arts. Yun yung gagamitin mong analysis to society, etc.

Allan: Hindi naman kami nagcacall for equality but equity as well.

Carl: Isipin natin na magaaral ako ng philo because I like it.

Arjay: I agree, isa yung mga gusto ko sana na pakulay pa ng budget campaign. Kasabay ng higher budget, nasa atin din yung pagconvince sa fellow students natin to

JP: Wag na nating pagbanggain ang iba ibang sciences.

Arjay: papasok yung mga sahod ng mga prof, at ng athletes. Pag nakita na natin yung budget items,

Mico: can we add the reduction of contractual workers in UP. Theres no job security, no benefits.

JP: Kulang narin yung budget for stipends. Yung E2, lagpas na sa kaya ng UP.

Arjay: Ang mode natin ay once maclarify na


Meeting adjourned ng 10:13pm