V International Sculpture Symposium

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The organization will invite, previous selection, to 10 sculptors of proved art career and quality work.Date: October 9th to October 15th, 2015.Place: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.Organized by: Manzana 1 Espacio de Arte.



    SYMPOSIUM BACKGROUND. Manzana 1 Espacio de Arte is a non-profit art gallery directed voluntarily by a painter and a sculptor: Ejti Stih and Juan Bustillos. The art gallery is located in the historical center of downtown Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. It is called Manzana 1 because it is found on the citys first block. The building, which has been acknowledged as part of Santa Cruzs historical legacy, was formerly the headquarters of the National Police and after 13 years of neglect it was opened once more, this time as a cultural space, on September 27, 2005. Manzana 1 Espacio de Arte opened its doors ten years ago and since then it has become the most visited space in the whole country, housing national and international exhibits on diverse artistic manifestations: painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, fashion design, installations, etc. On October 2006 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, the I International Sculptors Symposium took place, this time, seven sculptors from Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay worked in front of a live audience for a week at Manzana 1 Square. Later, this Symposium took place every two years, until the IV version. As a result of this event, we have a heritage of 29 art pieces on exhibition in an open space called the Sculpture Park. As part of the activities for the 10 years from the opening of the gallery, it convenes to the V International Sculpture Symposium. OBJECTIVES.

    - Promote the approach between artists and citizens.

    - Create approaching between young bolivian artists and international artists with long art career.

    - Increase the cultural city heritage through the making and exhibition of art pieces in public.


    The organization will invite, previous selection, to 10 sculptors of proved art career and quality work. Date: October 9th to October 15th, 2015. Place: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Organized by: Manzana 1 Espacio de Arte. APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS. Each artist must send:

    - Six (6) pictures of their artwork from the last three years (no more than 200kb each and JPG extension).

    - Summarized resume. Manzana 1 will receive applications until April 24th, 2015. Once received the application, the organization committee will communicate the decision to the selected artists, at the latest a month after the closure date. Send the application to: Manzana 1 Espacio de Arte manzana.uno@gmail.com SUBJECT: V INTERNACIONAL SCULPTURE SYMPOSIUM APPLICATION References: E-mail: manzana.uno@gmail.com Phone: (591 3) 3395792 76003552. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Manzana1espaciodearte Website: www.manzanauno.org.bo CHARACTERISTICS AND CONDITIONS. - Workplace: Manzana 1 Square; This space is located next to Manzana 1 Espacio de Arte gallery, in the heart of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, which is a common gathering place for the citizens. The square offers the adequate dimensions to the work process comfortably. - Working material: To this V International Sculpture Symposium, the materials for use will be different kind of tropical woods. Also, it will be possible to combine wood with other materials. - Conditions. The organization: It compromises to give to each participant: - Five stars hotel and alimentation during the week of the event.

  • - Travel voucher for the hotel to workplace transfer. - $1.000. - (one thousand American dollars) as honorarium. - At the closure of the event, the organization will give a participation trophy. - Tropical hardwood. - Technical assistance. - Infrastructure for work (Ex: Tents, electricity, cleaning service, among others.) - The Organization will not cover companion expenses. Participants: - They are compromised to donate the artwork made during the Symposium. - The sculptures will be exhibit permanently outdoors in a public place. Ephimeral workpieces proposal will not be accepted. - Each participant must have their own health and accident insurance. - The selected sculptors are compromised to bring their own work tools (chainsaw, gouge, etc.). - As this activity is made on a public space and in front of a live audience, the participants must know how to use the chainsaw and other tools. - The selected artist must be in Santa Cruz on October 8th, 2015 and will commit to stay during the event, until the closure on October 15th, 2015. If the artist wants to stay beyond the closure date, must be in charge of their own expenses. - The selected artists must compromise to comply strictly the regulation of the event, which will be given opportunely. The unselected artists will be part of Manzana 1 Espacio de Artes database, for future events and activities. INFORMATION. Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the capital of the department of Santa Cruz, located at the east in the tropical part of Bolivia, 416 meters above sea level. For about 25 years Santa Cruz has become Bolivias economic center and is the city that recorded the highest growth rate, receiving migratory flows from inside and outside the country.

    The weather is hot and humid; in October the season of tropical rain begins and and temperatures are above 30 C. The city has a small historic center, which is the most picturesque area for tourists. However, around Santa Cruz there are beautiful and diverse natural landscapes, mountains, plains and forest areas. The city has about 1.500.000 habitants. It has good hotel infrastructure and plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes. RECOMENDATIONS. - Bring comfortable clothing. - You need to be vaccinated against yellow fever. - For artists from other continents, you must consult at health centers which vaccines are recommended. - Santa Cruz is NOT Malaria zone, so taking medicine against this disease is not necessary (Malaria occurs in some rural areas of northwest).

    Santa Cruz de la sierra, february 24th of 2015


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