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Why do you want to work at VaynerMedia?I am very interested in the marketing/consulting industry as well as social media. VaynerMedia uses leverages the two to help brands.Looking at the VaynerMedia social media presence, it seems like a very strong company culture where I will be able to learn not only learn but also express myself.Write ~200 words about anything NON work-related you're passionate about.I am extremely passionate about basketball, poker and golf. I played ball in high school and still play often at the NYU gym and rec leagues uptown. My passion for basketball elevated when I came to New York. Friends that worked in the sports industry made me realize that there is much more to basketball than just the twelve players you see on the court.Coming from a finance background and having many friends in the industry, poker was immediately my favorite card game. I did a lot of research and tried out different plays and even thought itd be profitable for me to take a year off and play poker for a living last year. Analyzing probability and human behavior during the game is extremely fun and always a learning experience.And finally golf. Ive played golf since I was 7 and have never stopped. I usually play in the summers and was captain of my school team. However complex a sport golf is, my favorite part is still playing mini golf with friends.How would you describe social media to your grandparents in 3 sentences?*


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