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Welcome to Winter Camp 2012

Aylmer Guides Fall Camp 2018

Friday, October 12 to Sunday, October 14


1. We will be camping at Camp Opemikon, a Scout property in Maberly, Ontario (past Perth, on Christie Lake).

We will be staying on the Attic tent site. The girls will be in tents sleeping 4-6 girls.

2. ARRIVAL TIME is between 6:00 and 7:00 PM on Friday, October 12.

3. PICK-UP TIME is 11:00 AM on Sunday, October 14.

Contact Information

We will have our cell phones, however please be aware that cell service may be spotty and we will be busy with the girls and may not be able to check for calls or messages.

Camp Opemikon Main Landline: 613-273-5291

Kelly: 613-808-1602

Dani: 819-744-0565


1. Ensure everything is labelled!

We need to be able to determine which things belong to which girls!

2. Pack WARM clothes and bedding!

This is a fall camp; we will be outdoors and it can get very cold at night so please be sure to pack accordingly. The girls will need a warm sleeping bag and extra blankets!

3. Have the camper pack her own bag

This is very important so that each camper knows what she has and where to find it. This is also a requirement for girls to earn their Camping programming badges!

4. Suggestion: Use zip lock bags

Packing each outfit in a labelled zip lock bag can help keep things organized and dry. It eliminates the need for girls to empty their bag in search of a particular item!

5. Choose a bag your camper can carry and keep in mind the order of packing inside the bag and how items are grouped.

The bag should NOT be too big for the girl to carry by herself. Pack strategically to avoid having to dig everything out to find a particular item (the zip lock bags help with this!). Gear should be packed as follows:

a) Bed Roll: All items should be bundled together and waterproofed in either a tarp or waterproof stuff sack.

b) Day Pack: Small pack to carry items to activity sessions/on a hike.

c) Main Pack: Backpack or small duffle for clothing and gear.

Keep in mind that gear needs to fit in the tent with the girls and therefore a large bag is not ideal. A school sized backpack should be sufficient for the main pack.

6. Please leave all electronics at home (no iPods, iPads, etc.)

As per the attached kit list, girls may bring a few small items from home for quiet time before bed and for early risers (i.e. a book and notebook with pens).

4. Medications

Our first aiders for camp are Kelly and Sabine. All medications are to be given to Kelly upon arrival and must be placed in a resealable bag with the participants name on the outside of the bag. Medications must be in the original packaging, clearly labelled with the participants name and dosage instructions. Medications are to be self-administered by the participant except in cases where supervisors need to assist younger girls or when an Epi-pen needs to be used.

5. Food and Dietary Concerns/Allergies:

Girls are NOT to bring extra snacks. We will be providing all the food. If there are any dietary concerns, please ensure you speak to us well in advance of the camp to make arrangements.

Kit List


The weather is very unpredictable at this time of year.

Please check the forecast and adjust accordingly!

Bed Roll

Small Day Pack

All items bundled & waterproofed in a tarp or in a waterproof stuff sack

Sleeping mat (important for thermal protection from the ground; preferably not blow up air mattress due to space)

Sleeping bag

Extra warm blanket

Pillow (optional)

Sleeping buddy (optional)

Warm pyjamas (no nightgowns or onesies)

Mitts, tuque & wool socks

Chemical heat packs for hands and feet

To carry to activity sessions and on hike.

Camp hat (on head)

Water bottle


Lip balm (to protect lips from sun)

Whistle (optional)

Chemical heat packs for hands and feet

Main Pack


Pack items that can be layered and removed/added throughout the day!

Tip: Pack each outfit in a labelled baggie.

Base layer 1 set (top & bottoms)

Socks (preferably wool) 4 pairs

Underwear 3 pairs

Short sleeved shirt (for layering) 3

Long sleeved shirt 3

Long pants 3 pairs (NO JEANS!)

Sweater/hoodie 2

Toiletry Kit:

Note that kits may be collected and stored indoors; ensure they are in a labelled bag that is easy to collect.

Toothbrush & toothpaste

Hair Brush + hair ties

Wipes for morning sponge bath

Hand towel & face cloth


Feminine hygiene products


Warm jacket (warm fall jacket or lighter winter jacket)

Rain gear: raincoat & rain/splash pants

Rain boots


Warm hat/tuque

Mitts/gloves 2-3 (warm winter snow mitts and lighter mini gloves)

Ditty Bag:

A mesh bag, not plastic, with drawstring for hanging

Dishes: plate, bowl, cup or mug (that can hold hot liquids)

Cutlery: Fork, knife, spoon

Oven mitt & spatula (flipper)

Marshmallow stick (optional)


Sit Upon and/or Camp Chair

Flashlight + extra batteries

Book/notebook & pen for quiet time (optional)

Special Gear/Items:

1L milk carton (empty and cleaned to use for camp cooking)

Water shoes or extra pair of runners for canoeing (In case they get wet! No rain boots permitted in the canoe!)



530 Hanna Road, Maberly, ON K0H 2B0

Main landline at camp: 613-273-5291