What is Big Data and Why Do We Need it?

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What is Big Data and Why Do We Need it?. Article By : Colin White August 23 rd , 2011 http://www.thevirtualcircle.com/2011/08/big-data-2/ Presented By : Kushal Mittal Dhruv Sharma Team 14. What is Big Data ?. Not only VOLUME Multi-structured Data Web logs Social media - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


What is Big Data and Why Do We Need it?Article By :Colin WhiteAugust 23rd, 2011http://www.thevirtualcircle.com/2011/08/big-data-2/Presented By :Kushal MittalDhruv SharmaTeam 14What is Big Data ?Not only VOLUMEMulti-structured DataWeb logsSocial mediaSensor generatedAnalytics on dataUse Cases of Big DataDigital Marketing Optimization, Agility Dividends[3]Social Media and Sentiment AnalysisFraud DetectionMachine Data AnalysisManaging and Analyzing Big DataAnalytic RDBMSPackaged Hardware and Software AppliancesOnly Software PlatformsNon-Relational SystemsMapReduceColumn Oriented DatabasesKey-Value pair DatabasesWhich Solution to Use?Challenges [1]Continuous data volume growth.Ease of StorageCost of StorageIrrelevant dataLack of RepetitionAdvocating Open SourceYouTube - Open Source + Commodity Hardware Vs. Oracle Exadata [3]Relationship With the CourseRelational Data ModelData WarehousingData MiningBigData and CloudReferencesBig Data A Glimpse at the Future. http://www.thevirtualcircle.com/2011/09/big-data-4Big Data Knows You Even if You Don't Know Big Data.http://www.forbes.com/sites/tomgroenfeldt/2011/11/15/big-data-knows-you-even-if-you-dont-know-big-dataBig Data vs. Traditional databases : Can you reproduce YouTube on Oracle's Exadatahttp://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/big-data-vs-traditional-databases-can-you-reproduce-youtube-on-oracles-exadata/52053Using Big Data to Earn the Agility Dividend http://blogs.cio.com/business-intelligence/16528/using-big-data -earn-agility-dividendThank You !!


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