Who Am I? A Glimpse Into the Life of Catrice McCray Thomas.

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Slide 2 Who Am I? A Glimpse Into the Life of Catrice McCray Thomas Slide 3 Well, Who Is She? March 4 th Birmingham 4 th Year Teacher Left Behind Interesting Fact 1 st Wish Slide 4 Tough Being the Baby Girl Born to Melvin and Cleester McCray Sr. Youngest of 7 4 girls and 3 boys Extremely large family Life growing up Older parents Stay at home mother Places Ive lived Slide 5 Others Close to My Heart My Family Best Friends Z Phi B Closest friends Slide 6 Things I Like to Do Theater Song and Dance Show Favorite Shows The Wire Law and Order Flavor of Love (guilty pleasure) Spend time with friends and family Slide 7 Whats Next Develop a stronger relationship with God Baby Time! Purchase a Home National Board Certification Lead a Business and Marketing Program Degrees Administration Math Education English Education Slide 8 Accomplishments Graduated Magna Cum Laude Masters Degree Wife Educator Slide 9 Your Turn! Now its your turn to share. Follow the rubric to create your own PowerPoint.