WHO CARES? By Simon Rysin. WHAT IS EXISTENCE?  Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose? Are we really real?  These are questions I can guarantee.

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Who Cares?

Who Cares?By Simon RysinWhat is existence?Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose? Are we really real?These are questions I can guarantee everyone of us has asked or will ask ourselves at some point in time (I know I have)These questions all come back to what we perceive as meaning, and the meaning of lifeThe meaning of life is just these questions re-asked and a can be interpreted as absurdismAbsurdism isis a philosophicalschool of thoughtstating that the efforts ofhumanityto find inherent meaning will ultimately fail because the sheer amount of information as well as the vast realm of the unknown make total certainty impossibleWhat does this mean?Life is how you make itIt is quite amusing to think of how much time and effort some people spend trying to find themselves and the true meaning of life when really there is not one meaning or one answerPeople can spend most of their lives traveling to find these answers and spend all that they can and end up wasting it all away. They wonder why they have such short lives and so little time and money yet fail to realize they spent it all trying to solve their own inexplicable existenceThis is the satire of life, that life in itself can be viewed as a joke that we must make the best of despite its short durationRather than searching for answers that one shall most likely never find, one must view life for the purpose they find in it, not one left to be found

For all we know Life could be a game that we are forced to play for the entertainment of others, whether that be other people, or possible of beings of greater nature as demonstrated in notable works like The Truman Show, or South Parks episode CancelledThe Truman exhibits a man whose life is actually that of a popular television show, where is everyday behavior and actions are viewed by people in America 24/7.This very particular episode of the popular show South Park displays the entire history of the world as a television show for the rest of the universe, where the history of mankind is nothing more entertainment for others.

So what should we doWhat can we do? Do we continue searching for answers to the unknown and trying to answer all the questions that we ask ourselves and others? Or do we try to make something out of what has been given to us and find our own purpose to life and its fulfillment?There are those who have found meaning and purpose to their lives and live by their morals and guidelines as to what they see them as, but most of these people tend to be very religious and spiritual, and the humor in their belief is that there is no scientific proof as to what they believe into be true, whether they be Christians, or Muslims, or Jews, or Hindus, or any other religion, they dont have hard scientific evidence as to what they believe in to be absolute, yet science does not have enough proof to refute them, rather relying on the great unknown, but that is the satire in it all isnt it?For all that we ridicule those who have found purpose in their lives through these spiritual quests, deep down we envy them for finding a sense of fulfillment and peace to guide them along the path and that in itself is satirical irony.


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