Why connect technology to literacy in our schools?

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Why connect technology to literacy in our schools?. Partnership for 21 st Century Skills, 2007. Glogster. social network to create free interactive posters include text, images, and video place variety of forms of information to which they link post and receive feedback. Glogster. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Why connect technology to literacy in our schools?

Partnership for 21st Century Skills, 2007.social network to create free interactive postersinclude text, images, and videoplace variety of forms of information to which they linkpost and receive feedbackGlogsterEric's (a student) GlogGlogsterCore Standards GlogA take on traditional reading in that both are booksE-readers (ie: Kindle) are quite simply, books in an electronic formatMulti-platform books (sometimes referred to as transmedia projects) are books with Internet resources that enhance the storyE-readers/Multi-platform BooksThe 39 CluesAmandaStudents and teachers create animations and interact, using backgrounds, props, and characters. Curriculum connections create an alternative book reportinterview a character from history or a storyre-create scenes from a storywrite a screen play illustrate vocabulary words and math problemsGo!AnimateCarolyn's Go!AnimateSample Teacher Go!AnimateGo!AnimateFigment is a community where learners can share their writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authorsWriters can submit their pieces from any genre and receive feedback from a wide audienceThey can read other submissions as well as published authors and they can store their writing in one place until they are ready to publishFigment

http://www.tlconnected.comLook for TLC at the Beach April 2011Kindle to arouse or spark/kindl/[v. trans] light or set fire; to inspire (an emotion or feeling): A love of learning was kindled in me To become impassioned or excited: The teacher kindled at once!

Adapted from one of the Kindle 2 screensaversHeres to YOUR passion for tech-lit!


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