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1 Manual WR Rally is a racer game in the WRC inspired world. Realistic driving model, advanced physics: car damages, falling of elements (e.g. bumpers, doors), driver injuries system and competition with several opponents are advantages of this game. Setup: To install the game insert disc to your CD/DVD drive and open My computer. Then choose proper drive letter and press WR Rally setup. It will open installation program. Follow the instructions provided with this application. Launching game: Once the game is installed you can launch it with the shortcut on the desktop (if you have chosen proper option during installation process), with the "Start" menu or directly opening file WR_Rally.exe from the installation folder. CD must be put into your drive during the game initialization. 2 Uninstalling: To uninstall this product press icon Uninstall game from the Start menu (Destan/WR Rally) DirectX 9c: If you dont have DirectX 9c installed on your computer, open folder DirectX 9c from our CD and launch file dxsetup.exe Options Window: After launching the game the following window is visible on the screen: We can choose here games performance settings: Full Screen check to run game in a full screen mode Caption choose to make windows caption visible Resolution screen resolution used by the game Music turns on/off music Sounds turns on/off sounds 3 Details: determines level of details: more details cause higher computer requirements Advanced Options: Rear-View Mirror turns on/off rear-view mirror and environment reflections on the hood Dynamic Shadows turns on/off dynamic shadows Particles turns on/off smoke and sparks effect Clouds and Shadows turns on/off clouds shadows on the maps Grass turns on/off grass Glow Effect glow from the sun on the body of the car Collision Effect red screen effect after tight cars collision Speed Effect turns on/off Motion Blur Physical Objects turns on/off physical objects on the map (e.g. barrels, road signs etc.) Field of View field of view range in meters 4 Menu Main menu: New Game opens menu with game-modes Scores opens the best players list Options opens options menu Authors credits Exit press to exit the game 5 Menu New Game: One on One mode that lets you race with one opponent Time Trial single player mode Race mode with four opponents on the map Tourist mode that lets you visit whole map 6 Next menu is visible in every mode: It lets you choose a car, rims and manual/automatic transmission Click Next to see the following menu that lets you choose the map, laps count and direction of the race: On the screen you can see short clip from each particular map. To change direction click text Direction. Press Laps: 1 with left or right mouse button to increase/decrease laps count. 7 Menu available only in a One on One mode: You can choose here the opponent of the race In the mode with four opponents we can see following screen and choose opponents team (there are 5 levels of difficulty of opponents) 8 Use arrows to choose opponents, Button Play launches the game. Press Back to see previous menu Menu Scores: This menu lets us to check our Top Times or Top Speeds with particular map and car. Press Map or Car to see proper list of results, or Back to return to the main menu. 9 Menu Options: We can choose Graphics to set basic parameters (more details you can choose in the window visible after you launch the game) and menu Music where you can set volume of music and sounds. 10 In the menu Keyboard we can define our own keys settings: Wheel/Pad/Joy menu lets us define our own buttons to hand break, gears change and view mode change. Button Back returns to menu Options. 11 Game During the game we can see: 1 Time of the race 2 Rear-View Mirror (if proper option is chosen) 3 Position in the race 4 Direction to the next check point 5 Gear 6 Car speed 7 Tachometer 8 Speedometer and Kilometers 9 Driver injuries (red color means end of game) 10 Damages of important car elements (red color means end of game) Car doors damages or cracked windows do not change model of driving however realistic physics determines that dragging bumper or damaged element may change parameters of drive. You can continue race till cars engine and components are not damaged. Key P starts Pause mode and holds the game. (in the options menu you can define other key for this action) 12 You can change view-mode using keys F1 - F12 or button defined on the wheel. 13 Button ESC returns to the menu and lets you see race statistics although best scores list is not updated because race has not been completed. Requirements: Windows: 98/Me/2000/XP, DirectX 9c Processor: 1200MHz (recommended 2500 MHz) Graphics Card: GeForce2/4MX/Radeon9000 or compatible (recommended: GF FX, Radeon 9500) Memory: 256MB Ram (recommended 512 MB) 700 MB of free space on HDD, CD ROM, recommended Wheel 14 15 Contact, sales: Katarzyna Stpie phone: (+1) 415 670 90 34 e-mail: katarzyna@teyon.com www: www.destan.pl www.teyon.com Teyon/Destan Entertainment mailto:katarzyna@teyon.comhttp://www.destan.plhttp://www.teyon.com