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CFO services, when is it necessary to hire CFO services? CFO's are great if you're growing fast, have a lot of employees, offer complex product lines and are growing quickly. For more information visit at


4/24/2014 AppNexus Gets a New CFO, Using CFO Services to reach IPO Goals. 1/2AppNexus Gets a New CFO, Using CFO Services to reach IPOGoals.Leave a replypicture fromwww.mandmglobal.comBusiness Insider reports that AppNexus has made another step making it appear as if the company isgetting ready for an IPO. They recently hired Jonathan Hsu as the new CFO/COO. Hsu has been aninvestment banker at JP Morgan, but more notably had been the CFO/COO and CEO of 24/7 Media whileit was a public company and led it through its $649 million acquisition by WPP Group in 2007.As a CFO has the ability to make a significant difference in whether or not a business can be taken to thenext level, utilizing CFO services can be essential for its financial health and overall success, no matterwhat size the company is.A smaller business typically has different needs than a large corporation, with the CFO often responsiblefor a wider range of tasks. Utilizing a professional firm like that is able to deliverCFO services for small and mid-size companies as well as oversee their financial situations which canbecome more complex as they grow, can be extremely beneficial. While a smaller company may not haveenough room on the payroll to hire a fulltime CFO, CFO services can be utilized as an effective strategy formaking both long-term and day-to-day decisions without having to go over budget.In the long run, taking advantage of these services can actually pay for itself by increasing the bottom lineover time. The CFO can help devise revenue increasing strategies, enhance profitability and cash flow inaddition to keeping track of day-to-day financial operations and working on a number of financial projects4/24/2014 AppNexus Gets a New CFO, Using CFO Services to reach IPO Goals. 2/2and tasks.Without appropriate financial control, a business is destined to fail. A professional, qualified CFO can takean in-depth, critical look at the business to identify where cash is coming in and going out. A strategy canthen be designed to ensure that the company doesnt run out of cash by plugging leaks, and allow morecash flow to come in.Even by engaging a CFO just on a part time basis, the commitment reveals to others that you are seriousabout your business and its future. It shows vision, good judgment, and that you are confident in yourorganization. It helps to raise your credibility, and the impression of investors, suppliers and customers,giving stakeholders greater confidence in dealing with your company.