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1. The Caretaker of your WEALTH!!Shri Rama InvestmentAdvisory & Support ServicesShri Rama Investment Advisory & Support Services1 2. AgendaShri Rama Investment Advisory & Support Services2 3. Company OverviewSRIA Established in 2000by Mr. T Ramabhadran, former MD of Sundaram Finance& Retired GM, International Banking, SBI 4. Provider of Holistic Wealth Management solutions to HNIs & NRIs 5. Personalized services with ultimate aim of Wealth Creation for our clients 6. Integrity & Trust - our Buzzwords!! 7. Wide gamut ofInvestment related servicesunder one roof 8. Personalized services with utmost care.Investment Doctors!! 9. Caters to more than 60 clients : AUA of Rs 350 MillionShri Rama Investment Advisory & Support Services3 10. Shri Ramas Pyramid of InvestingShri Rama Investment Advisory & Support Services4 11. ServicesShri Rama Investment Advisory & Support Services5 12. Financial PlanningUnderstanding the clients needs and objectives 13. Risk profiling & Asset Allocation 14. Regular Monitoring, Dynamic Reviews & Periodical Updates 15. Stringent Risk ManagementShri Rama Investment Advisory & Support Services6 16. Mutual Fund Advisory Shri Rama Investment Advisory & Support Services7Mutual Fund Advisory Expert MF investment advisory services 17. Offering equity, debt, balanced and ELSS investment advisory services 18. Active monitoring of MF investments Enabling Higher Yields 19. Periodical Review & Updates of MF portfoliosNot just a Distributor of MF products, but a CARETAKER!! 20. Portfolio AdvisoryShri Rama Investment Advisory & Support Services8Designing Investment Models comprising fixed income securities, Equities, MFs, Commodities to suit age, career, risk/liquidity preferences & tax status of clients 21. Expert in-house portfolio construction and restructuring team 22. Dynamic and Periodical Reviews of Portfolios 23. Generation of periodical reports 24. Superior Executional Capabilities & Strong Back office Support Consistently generating alpha returns over a period of 10 years 25. Equity and Derivatives ServicesStock & Derivatives Trading NSE, BSE 26. Tie up with leading Brokerage Houses in providing trading and depository services 27. IPO Advisory 28. Equity Advisory 29. Advice/Assistance in selection of shares 30. Execution of orders through online terminals 31. Close monitoring and churning of such investments on a discretionary basis in line with sectoral and scrip specific shiftsShri Rama Investment Advisory & Support Services9 32. Commodity & Alternate Asset Classes AdvisoryOffering Advisory & Trading services on investments in commodities like Gold, Silver and Crude 33. Helps in diversifying the asset base of the clients and reap the benefits of asset diversification through commodities trading 34. Offering Real Estate Investment Services through tie-ups with realty funds of leading AMCsShri Rama Investment Advisory & Support Services10 35. Support ServicesTax Planning, Preparation& filing of IT returns 36. Expert Insurance Advisory Services 37. Preparation of Capital Gains statements for taxation purpose 38. Strong Back Office Support in generation of review reportsShri Rama Investment Advisory & Support Services11 39. The TeamMr. T Ramabhadran, CEO and Managing Partner: 50 years of experience in the field of Banking and Investments: Headed International Banking, SBI and former MD, Sundaram Finance. 40. Subash R, VP: IIM B Graduate: Experience in Commodities and Currency trading in global markets. His core expertise includes financial planning and portfolio management. 41. Ably assisted by a team of highly efficient dealers with a combined equity and derivative trading experience of more than 50 yearsShri Rama Investment Advisory & Support Services12 42. ContactRegistered Office:Shri Rama Investment Advisory & Support Services15, Sixth Street, Nandanam Extension,Chennai600035.India.Ph: 91-044-24335067/24321387/42066755(Fax)Email: contact@shriramawealth.comShri Rama Investment Advisory & Support Services13