15 Teaching Movies for Homeschooling High School

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15 movies for teaching homeschool high school. Using movies to teach can give you and your kids a welcome break from the daily grind without feeling like waisted time. A movie can spark interest in a particular subject causing a student to want to learn more. They can also help to supplement a lesson helping student's to understand the emotions and motivations behind particular issues.


  • 15 Teaching Movies for Homeschooling High School
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  • 42-The Jackie Robinson Story
  • Luther
  • October Sky
  • Emma
  • The Tuskegee Airmen
  • Spartacus
  • Schindlers List
  • A Tale of Two Cities
  • Julius Caesar
  • All The Presidents Men
  • Gettysburg
  • The Scarlet Letter
  • Apollo 13
  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • Animal Farm
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