20 tools in 20 min Teachmeet NJ 2014

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20 tools 20 min at #TMNJ14


1. 20 Tools in 20 Min William King @wkingbg wkingbg@gmail.co m 2. Evernote Note-taking app Notes, pictures, audio Store emails, to-do lists Text recognition Cloud- Based Access from any device FREE 1 3. Wunderlis t Organization App Create lists: to-do, shopping, wishlist, work, private, etc Print your lists Email your lists Cloud- Based Access from any device FREE 2 4. Hootsuit e Tool that helps organize your twitter account To get started you must have a twitter acct Manage all social media from here: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare accounts in one app FREE 3 5. QRstuff.co m 4 6. I-NiGMA 5 QR Code reader app Turns your camera into a sophisticated barcode reader Fastest QR code reader on the market FREE 7. 6 - The easiest way to text/ email students and parents - Attach assignments - Reminders - Notify parents of class activities/assignments - Protects your phone # - Free 8. Socrative.com Online Student response system Free version of clickers students can respond via smartphone, tablet, laptop great for BYOD or 1:1 Free, Easy to use and setup 7 9. Store all your bookmarks in one location create tiles for your favorite websites great for class projects or research FREE 8 10. Padlet a virtual wall (webpage) where you can post thoughts and messages perfect for class discussion or brainstorming Can post texts and pics from any device 9 11. recitethis.com Tool to create slides for presentations or for class starters Great for Bell Ringers FREE 10 12. viewpure.com removes all distractions associated with youtube videos copy the link of the video into the purifier and your video will be displayed on a blank background 11 13. CuePrompter.com FREE online teleprompter Turns your internet browser into a teleprompter with no additional software. Type in script and can adjust size of text, speed, and background 12 14. Camscanner Pro ios app turns your phone or ipad into a scanner perfect for going paperless receipts, documents, student work, notes FREE and paid version 13 15. Study Blue Flash Card APP allows students to study anywhere kids can create their own cards teachers can create for their students FREE 14 16. Create a backchannel for your classroom or team meeting connect with your students in real-time great for student feedback FREE, no account necessary 15 17. INSTAGRAM Photosharing site Facebook Like Great for School and Class PR Free 16 18. Online Timeline creator Free for 1 user Publish your timelines to the web 17 19. Smore.com great tool for designing webpages, blog posts, flyers, or posters, school newsletters Easy to edit Free 18 20. 19 Website that makes your pictures interactive Upload a pic, & attach video, audio, text, links Free 21. IOS/Android App Pulls together the most read/shared articles You pick topics of interests Free 20 22. BONUS 23. Google Newspaper Archives - Google is in the process of scanning every newspaper ever printed into their servers - Search major newspapers - http://news.google.com/newspapers BONUS 24. William King wkingbg Gmail wkingbg Instagram @wkingbg Twitter william.king.bg Skype Teachmeet KY Tmky.wikispaces.com


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