2014 11 KQA Ganesh Nayak Open Quiz prelims

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Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open Quiz for teams of 4 at KQA. Written prelims - cut-off 20 on 36, highest 30, scored by the team CIDs from Kerala


  • 1. Welcome toThe Ganesh Nayak MemorialOpen QuizPrelimsVivek + Venky

2. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 20141Allan _________ was a Scottish poet in the first half of the 19thcentury who among other things, contributed to the LondonMagazine. He edited The Works of Robert Burns in 1834, whichcontained new preface material drawing from his experienceswhen his father was Burns neighbour.His son became an Indian Army Officer and acted as a deputy toSir Mark Cubbon, the Chief Commissioner at Bangalore. Here,apart from playing an active role in developing the HorticulturalGardens at Lalbagh, the son undertook many constructionsincluding the one he built for Sir Mark Cubbon in the nearbyNandi Hills and possibly, a large bungalow in Bangalore, knownas the Balabrooie.Fill in the blanks with his surname. 3. ANSWER 4. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014CunninghamThe son was Francis Cunningham 5. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 20142On February 22, 2002, conductor George Pehlivanian, X'sneighbour and friend from Paris, was scheduled to lead theIsraeli Philharmonic Orchestra as a guest conductor. Deeplytroubled by the news, he was initially reluctant to perform;however, he decided to go ahead with his concert rather thangive in to the despair wrought by the evil inflicted on X.In August 2002, in the spirit of Xs love for music, his familyinvited people across the globe to dedicate a musical event onthe day he would have turned 39 years old - October 10, 2002.Thus, the seeds were planted for X World Music Days - now anentire month of worldwide "Harmony for Humanity" concerts.The 2014 edition just concluded.Who is X? 6. ANSWER 7. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Daniel Pearl 8. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 20143Which Indian cricketer completes the list and what is the listabout? 9. ANSWER 10. Mohammed AzharuddinCenturies in first and last TestThe others were Reggie Duff, Bill Ponsford,Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Greg Chappell 11. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 20144In the current Union Cabinet of Ministers, there arefour former CMs, apart from the Prime Minister. Twoare women.Who are the two male former-CMs who are currentCabinet Ministers? 12. ANSWER 13. DV Sadananda Gowda, Rajnath SinghGanesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Railways, Home 14. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014*5In this 1997 board game, each player guides a species ofprimitive amoeba drifting through the ________ ____. Theplayer controls whether and how his amoebas move, eatand procreate using the 10 biological points which shereceives each turn, and can buy gene cards to accelerateprogress.The name of the game references a term proposed bySoviet biologist Alexander Oparin in 1924, while trying toexplain the origin of life.Whats the name/term? 15. 5*A group of lions is called a pride of lions. Similarly, a groupof owls is named after a type of regular meeting whereelected representatives meet and discuss policies and laws.What is a group of owls called? The picture is a clue.Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 16. ANSWER 17. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Primordial Soup 18. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 20146Which Asian capital city's name means city of love? From1919 until 1927, the city was renamed Poltoratsk after alocal revolutionary. In 2013, the city was included in theGuinness Book of Records as the city with the world'shighest concentration of white marble buildings. 19. ANSWER 20. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014AshgabatCapital of Turkmenistan 21. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 20147There is often confusion on how to pronounce thename of this Italian brand. According to their website,there is no correct way of pronouncing the word.______ is a brand name with undefined nationalidentity. And that's the way we like it. As a literaryname, it was used by British travel writer Bruce Chatwinin his book The Songlines, referred to the little __________ he usually bought from a stationery store inParis.Which brand? 22. ANSWER 23. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Moleskine 24. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 20148What message does this ad convey? Specific two words. 25. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 26. ANSWER 27. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Dont Spit 28. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 20149The Torta della Nonna is a popular Florentinedessert. It is a double-crust tart filled with adelicately flavoured pastry cream. It is ideally pairedwith sweet strawberries and a glass of dessert wine.What is the common English name for this dish? 29. ANSWER 30. Grandmothers CakeGanesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 31. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014*10Allan Eustace, senior vice president of knowledge at aglobal corporation, was recently part of a project byParagon Space Development Corp. and its StratosphericExplorer team, whose goal is to develop aself-contained commercial spacesuit. Mr Eustace hadplanned it in the utmost secrecy, working for almostthree years with a small group of technologists andcarrying just two GoPro cameras during his effort.Which company does Allan work for and whose 2012effort did he eclipse? 32. ANSWER 33. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014GoogleFelix Baumgartner 34. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201411This is the red flower called Butea. The local namefor this flower gives its name to a town in India onthe banks of the Bhagirathi river. The townwitnessed a key event in Indian history. Either givethe local or the anglicized name of the town. 35. ANSWER 36. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Palashi / Plassey 37. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201412The train connecting Dadar and Mysore is named after ariver, which is one of the few rivers that flows westward inIndia. The river originates at Ambutheertha, where it isbelieved that Rama broke a bow to win the hand of Sita,and leads to a natural formation that is the third highest ofits kind in India.Name the train/river. 38. ANSWER 39. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014SharavathiPlunges 253m to form the Jog Falls 40. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201413This is the extract of a training/promotional program thatthis brand ran in order to train waiters at restaurants onhow not to provide the free glass of tap water that theywould normally give to patrons. After an internal documentoutlining the success of this program leaked in 2001, andwent viral, the company withdrew.Which company tried this program? 41. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201413 42. ANSWER 43. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Coca Cola 44. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201414The word originates from a mid 19th century English dialectmeaning, 'to soak a wooden vessel'. Since World War 1, thesense of the term has extended to cover a particularactivity, which is the most familiar context.Used these days also in reference to making a series ofinvestments or watching a number of TV show episodesamong others, it is a synonym of extremity in an endeavour.Whats the word? 45. ANSWER 46. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Binge 47. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014*15One of the most sparsely populated territories in the worldwith just 500,000 people across 266,000 sq.km., it wasoccupied by Spain from the 19th century till 1975. AfterSpain relinquished power, Mauritania and Morocco foughta war over this region.Four years later, Mauritania withdrew, but this territory isstill disputed with Morocco and the SADR both claimingsovereignty. The UN today lists it under a list of 17 NonSelf-Governing Territories.What is the two-word name of this region? 48. ANSWER 49. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Western Sahara 50. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201416This book details with theacutely cheap labour in thiscountry, where women andchildren work in impoverishedconditions to create clothes forbrands like Walmart, Benettonand Gap, and bring in 70% ofthe countrys forex. Anexample of povertyliterature, which country doesthis book deal with? 51. ANSWER 52. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Bangladesh 53. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201417Ben Edwin Perry was a professor of classics at theUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from 1924 to1960. In an attempt to make some sense of the variedsources of a particular work, Perry published a survey andcreated an eponymous index of 725 narratives of anAncient Greek personality, after separating the Greek andLatin pieces. The standard reference of scholars, what doesthe Perry Index reference? 54. ANSWER 55. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Aesops Fables 56. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201418This is the 2014 Tamil-film, Pannaiyaarum Padminium. Thestory revolves around the obsession and love of an oldlandlord. Who or what is the object of his affection? 57. ANSWER 58. Fiat PAL Premier Padmini carGanesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 59. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201419Though the cocktail is 19th century, the use of this word inits name is older. It appears to derive from the Persiangulab. By itself it was originally a syrup used to makemedicine easier to swallow.It became part of a standard drink, possibly to mask theflavour of rough whiskey back in the days.What cocktail which has now become a tradition at ChurchillDowns? 60. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 61. ANSWER 62. Kentucky Mint JulepGanesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 63. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014*20The place has seen several different dynasties rule over it,starting with the Rashtrakutas, over to the Chalukyas and soon. It finally came under Kakatiya control and then on tothe rulers from Delhi.Originally a wealthy place, it was famed for its flowergardenswhich gave it the name X. In the recent set ofplace names to be changed, it has been given the officialname Y, meaning stone city.What are X and Y? 64. ANSWER 65. Gulbarga and KalaburgiGanesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 66. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201421Circa 1939. A retailer Montgomery Ward had been buyingand giving away colouring books every year, and decidedthat making his own book would work well. So hecommissioned an artist Robert May to make one in storyform.May had not seen the creature that he wanted to use in hisstory. His story idea was initially rejected because thecharacter looked like it favoured frequent swigs of alcohol.Mays friend Denver Glenn then made a cuter bouncycharacter using zoo animals as models.What resulted? 67. ANSWER 68. Rudolph the Red-nosed ReindeerA red nose was closely associatedwith alcoholism and drunkardsGanesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 69. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201422They became a regular ICC member in 1997 and haveproved their competitiveness ever since. Their first test wasagainst India in 2000.But in all these years a particular thing has never happened.This is ironic considering Jagmohan Dalmiya became ICCpresident with their help.What has not taken place, thereby not giving the said ICCmember a chance at improving their current 0-6 record? 70. ANSWER 71. No India-Bangladesh Test series in IndiaIn all the 16 years that Bangladesh have been a Test playingnation they have never been invited for a tour in India!During this time we have seen eight different boardGanesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014presidents. 72. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201423One sense of this word is a person in a group who does notdo as much work as the others. In the case of these birds,they were given the name from a French meaningto gobybecause they lived in large migratory flocks.Once the most abundant bird in North America, accountingfor more than a quarter of all birds, it became extinct in1914.What two-word name was this creature known by? 73. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 74. ANSWER 75. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Passenger Pigeon 76. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201424The 1964 Honda SuperHawk CB77 is a rather unremarkablebike, and is Hondas first sports model. Motorcycleenthusiasts aside, others remember the model from its rolein a two-month trip from St. Paul, Minnesota to Petaluma,California, in 1968. The trip resulted in something that saw121 rejections before seeing light of day.Either give a persons name or give the result connected toall this. 77. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 78. ANSWER 79. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Robert M PirsigZen and theArt of Motorcycle Maintenance 80. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014*25He was born Harold Herman Brix. He was an athlete first upin his career. He competed in the 1926 Rose Bowl, and wasa track-and-field star. Two years later he won a silver inshot-put at the 1928 Amsterdam Games.In 1931 he broke his shoulder when filming a football film,Touchdown. This incident was fortuitous for another personwho went on to make the most of it.Who was the other guy, and what did he do? 81. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 82. ANSWER 83. Johnny WeissmullerHe starred in the Tarzan movies andGanesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014became a big starHerman Brix also went on to star in Tarzan movies a fewyears later. 84. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201426In January 1850, after a trip to Lahore, Lord Dalhousieswife stitched a chamois leather bag with a loop. It wentunder Dalhousies belt, tucked under his waistband, andwas on his person day and night for an entire month.When Dalhousie slept, two massive dogs, Baron and Banda,were chained to his camp bed, bristling at the sight ofanyone approaching the Governor-General.What was all this about? 85. ANSWER 86. Dalhousie was carrying the KohinoorAfter a trip to Lahore on his first visit as conqueror,Dalhousie forced the eleven-year-old Maharajah DalipSingh to part with the diamondGanesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 87. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201427Both words relate to law enforcement in the present-daycontext, but in days of yore both related to men who tookcare of horses.The first word is from the Germanic elements of horse andservant, and denoted a high-ranking officer of state inmedieval times.The second word from Old French denoted a head officerof the place were horses were tethered and tended to.What are the two words? 88. ANSWER 89. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014MarshallConstable 90. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201428This practice dates back to the Middle Ages. People at thechurch used a staffsomething akin to a bishops crozierwhich signified the persons role as well. By the 17th centuryother devices came into use. Rolled up sheets of paper and evenunadorned hands are seen in pictures from this period.A large staff was responsible for the death of one Jean-BaptisteLully, who injured his foot while entertaining a king. The woundbecame gangrenous. The man refused amputation, and he diedtwo months later.What practice, that has amended a little in terms of how it isdone, which is just as well seeing what happened to Lully? 91. ANSWER 92. Using a baton to conduct an orchestraGanesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 93. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201429This trophy for the game between Minnesota andWisconsin, one of the longest rivalries in NCAA Football wasinstituted in 1948. What is it called, after a giant lumberjackin American folklore? 94. ANSWER 95. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Bunyans Axe 96. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014*30It was always thought that they were suction pads, butrecent nanoscale photos show that they are covered in aseries of ridges. The ridges are tufted with billions of tinytubular elastic hairs, and the hairs bear even tinier spatula-shapedboots. The natural force between atoms andmolecules is enough to stick the spatulas to the surface ofmost anything.What are we looking at? 97. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 98. ANSWER 99. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014A geckos footwill also accept a lizards foot 100. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201431These machines revolutionised exercises. In the words ofthe inventor, Arthur Jones, the spiral cams that weredeveloped for the purpose of regulating the variations ofresistance provided by the machines, are unavoidablyappropriate. They closely resemble a type of shell fish witha smooth, spiral, chambered shell. What are they called? 101. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 102. ANSWER 103. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Nautilus 104. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201432Rubens painted this theme several times. The story beginsat the Wedding of Peleus and Thetis to which all of thegods were invited, all except Eris, the goddess of discord.When she appeared at the festivities, she was turned away,and in her anger cast a golden apple amongst theassembled goddesses addressed To the Fairest. Threegoddesses laid claim to the apple--Aphrodite, Hera andAthena. What did it lead to? 105. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 106. ANSWER 107. The Judgment of ParisThe three goddesses appearing before the shepherd prince,each offering him gifts for favour. He chose Aphrodite,swayed by her promise to bestow upon him Helen, themost beautiful woman, for wife. The subsequent abductionof Helen led directly to the Trojan War.Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 108. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201433He was the second of the representatives to sign theJapanese instrument of surrender on behalf of each of theAllied Powers. ID the man briefing President Roosevelt, aman who was in a class of his own. 109. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 110. ANSWER 111. Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitzafter whom the Nimitz class ofnuclear-powered super-carriers is namedGanesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 112. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201434It made a comeback when Donovan released a hit rocksong in 1968. Although the song didn't feature an actual___ ___ in the mix, the repeated reference in the song'slyrics sparked a new curiosity. ID the instrument. 113. ANSWER 114. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Hurdy Gurdy 115. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014*35By what name, evoking memories of the how plates will lookafter a sumptuous seafood lunch, are these patterns called? 116. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014 117. ANSWER 118. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014Herringbone 119. Ganesh Nayak Memorial Open 201436On September 24, 1988, at Pusan, 450 kilometers fromSeoul, in very rough seas, two Singapore sailors werethrown into the rough water. They were injured and unableto right their damaged boat. Upon seeing the capsizedcrew, another sailor Lawrence Lemieux, who was nearby,sailed to rescue them.Such stuff does not normally get a mention in the sportspages, but in this case it did.How do we know Lemieux, in conjunction with 22 others,including Luz Long? 120. ANSWER 121. Winners of the Pierre de Coubertin medalGanesh Nayak Memorial Open 2014for sportsmanship 122. Finals in a fewminutes