5 tips on how to train a dog to guard your premises

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    GUARD YOUR PREMISES A well trained dog can use its ability to protect you along with your family from burglars and all security

    threats . Even though training your dog to guard your premises may seem daunting, it is however less of a task

    for those who are well versed with training their dogs how to guard their premises. If you arent, here are some

    tips on how to train a dog to guard your premises that you need to know so that you can have an easier time

    training your dog on how to carry out this important role.

    1. Start as early as possible

    Training should begin the very day when you bring your dog home when he is still a puppy. Puppies are easier

    to train than mature dogs. There are also known to demonstrate obedience hence making them easier to get

    along with.

    2. Treat him like a member of the family

    Guard dogs need attention and love just like other dogs. As such, you need to socialize with your dog

    frequently so that he can understand more about life in general and how you expect him to guard your

    premises. As such, make him feel as part of your family and you will be surprised by how well he will guard

    your premises.

    3. Teach him all the basic moves

    You want your dog to be the smartest dog around so that he can guard your premises 24/7 a day, right? This

    calls on you to train him all the basic moves such as attacking on command, roll over, sit and drop it. The good

    news is that it isnt that difficult to teach your dog these basic moves. In fact, there are so many dog training

    manuals out there that will help you in your quest to teach him these moves. You can also teach him any other

    move or skill that you think will make him the best security dog.

    4. Change his personality

    Dogs that have a great personality naturally make good guards. As such, change your dogs personality so that

    he can effectively play his role as a guard dog. Most importantly, ensure he is friendly to you and your family

    as well. Above all, make him understand that your instructions and orders should be taken seriously.

    5. Find a reputable dog training school

    Protection training for security dogs is such a tricky endeavor and it must be done right no matter what. But the

    reality is that not everybody is well acquainted on how to train their dogs to guard their homes or premises.

    After all, it takes time and expertise to train a dog into becoming a well-trained security dog. If you want to

    have the best security dog around, it is imperative to take him to a dog training school where he will be taught

  • how to guard your premises by professionals. When looking for a dog training school, look around for a

    reputable school that you can trust with training your dog.

    With these 5 tips, you are bound to have an easier time when training your dog on how to be a great guard.

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