A work of art in a museum is a work of art in a museum

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museology, art museums, participation paradigm, restoration


1.Peter van Mensch A Work of Art in a Museum is a Work of Art in a Museum2. 3. society art 4. functions institutions 5. 6. axis of tradition and renewal 7. ECCO Professional Guidelines(2002) [the Conservator-Restorer] has a responsibility not only to the cultural heritage itself, but also to the owner or legal guardian, the originator or creator,the public , and to posterity Code of Ethics(2003) (article 5) The Conservator-Restorer shall respectthe aesthetic, historic and spiritual significanceand the physical integrity of the cultural heritage entrusted to her/his care. (article 6) The Conservator-Restorer, in collaboration with other professional colleagues involved with cultural heritage, shall take into account the requirements ofits social usewhile preserving the cultural heritage. 8. Museums may have been set up in an atmosphere of enlightenment, but this does not mean that they were democratic in nature, and I believe that exclusivity is in their DNA. David Fleming 2008 9. New Museology integrated museum social inclusion 10. social inclusion Access Representation Participation 11. 2007 2005 12. Museum 2.0 Participation paradigm 13. web 2.0 Community of connected users The network as platform Harnessing collective intelligence User generated content 14. 2010 15. Nina Simon,The Participatory Museum(Santa Cruz Calif., 2010) 16. Forms of participation (Simon 2010) 17. Council of Europe 2005 Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society(Faro Convention) 18. aheritage communityconsists of people who value specific aspects of cultural heritage which they wish, within the framework of public action, to sustain and transmit to future generations. 19. participation paradigm front office presentation education events back office collecting documentation conservation/restoration 20. transparency the method as message 21. Kenneth Hudson 1916-1999 A tiger in a museum isa tiger in a museumand not a tiger. 22. 23. 24. object idea maker musealisation idea museum museum object visitor idea conceptual object Primary Context Museological Context 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Edgar Degas Grande danseuse habille Tate Gallery, London 31. Edgar Degas Grande danseuse habille Muse drsay, Paris 32. Edgar Degas Grande danseuse habille Museum Boijmans vanBeuningen (Rotterdam) 33. 34. critical thinking empowerment transformation 35. Tyne & Wear Museums and Archive Our mission is to help people determine their place in the world and define their identities, so enhancing their self-respect and their respect for others.


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