Building it right with Joomla 3 !

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Quick checklist of things to take care of when you are building with Joomla 3x. Things to do .. and things not to do..


  • Joomla 3 Are you Building it right ? The build it right checklist & Common Mistakes to avoid Presented at Joomla User Group Pune, 2nd August 2014
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  • Getting the best out of the Joomla core
  • Remember Joomla 3 has a lot to offer ! ● Tags ● Content versioning ● Kick ass ACL ● Install from Web ● Automatic Updates ● Quick & Easy Multilungual sites
  • Plan it Right ● Categories * Remember there's Tags as well now ! ● Menus ● Content ● Extensions There is no excuse for bad planning. It can
  • Dont over do extensions ● The JED with its 8k+ can be like a toy store for a kid ● Its ok to try lots of extensions but choose & keep the bare minimum you really need
  • Content ● Use Typography to make your content better looking ● Use optimised images. Dont drag them small ● Article Alias creates the URL ● No Word code please ● Dont use non responsive tables in content ● Use Alt & Title tags – make your site accessible
  • The ItemID the ultimate Joomla villain This guy can make a ton of things go seriously wrong.. So be especially careful !
  • The Menus & the Menu items ● No 2 Menus pointing to the same item ● Use the 'levels' configuration to show partial menus ● Clean out menus you dont need from your trash as well ● Doing your menus right can avoid item Id issues
  • Modules ● Use modules intelligently ● Avoid redundant copies ● No Number's advanced module manager can save you a lot of pain ● Again item ids can play havoc with module assignments
  • Before you Go live
  • Change the Defaults ● Global Config – Site Title & Meta Data ● Make sure your email config works ● Delete all mock data – menus, categories, content & empty your trash
  • Optimise Optimise Optimise ● Caching ● Combine ● Compress ● Gzip ● Client Side Caching ● Optimise your images
  • Is it Seccure ? ● Seccure your Host ● Seccure your application ● Setup Automated Backups ● Run a MyJoomla security scan Admin tools Pro & Akeeba Backup can make your job easier
  • ● Akeeba Backup Pro ● Admin Tools Pro ● Email Beautifier ● Cache Cleaner ● Advanced Module Manager ● Simple Image gallery & All Videos plugins Must have Extensions
  • Maintenance ● Update the core as well as any extensions you use regularly ! ● Backup before you update ● Test updates on a staging site ● Run regular speed audits ● Run regular security audits ● Educate clients if you are not maintaining for them
  • Questions ?
  • Thank You ! Stay #jpositiv !! ● ● Twitter @parthlawate