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  • 1. Building Online LearningBuilding Online Learning CommunitiesCommunities Kristin SigovichKristin Sigovich

2. Online Learning EnvironmentsOnline Learning Environments I created an interactive Moodle to use with my class. Moodle works well for differentiation and student choice. This software has excellent quality and a built-in management system to make it easy to implement. 3. My Online LearningMy Online Learning EnvironmentEnvironment /course/view.php?id=597/course/view.php?id=597 4. Rubrics and LessonsRubrics and Lessons Rubrics have become required tools by school districts to assure that learning is always standards driven. Rubrics also provide students with quality feedback. Google Docs is an easy to use program that allows word processing and spreadsheets. Students/Educators can create documents and share them with others, allowing peers or colleagues to edit or comment on existing work. 5. My RubricsMy Rubrics Making a BrochureMaking a Brochure screen=ShowRubric&module=Rubistar&rubric_id=1screen=ShowRubric&module=Rubistar&rubric_id=1 965216&965216& Oral PresentationsOral Presentations Persuasive EssayPersuasive Essay 6. My LessonsMy Lessons Shared ReadingShared Reading id=1kwqdQMI6PtK8HErSHafG6UZ9ScEQCmsnkVjid=1kwqdQMI6PtK8HErSHafG6UZ9ScEQCmsnkVj 5I2fYfVs#5I2fYfVs# Collage AssignmentCollage Assignment id=1firkhShagxPS2vcrIAm9ps9ue2u0-wT6afPsTdd-id=1firkhShagxPS2vcrIAm9ps9ue2u0-wT6afPsTdd- _rg#_rg# 7. Online Assessment ToolOnline Assessment Tool Quizstar was a terrific site to work with to create online quizzes. Creating quizzes online allows me to have alternatives to the traditional paper and pencil quizzes. The most ideal part is being able to control the intensity of the quiz. 8. My Assessment ToolsMy Assessment Tools Click on the following link to view the 3Click on the following link to view the 3 quizstar quizes that I have created for myquizstar quizes that I have created for my class:class: yservletyservlet 9. Differentiated ProductsDifferentiated Products Glogster is a social network that allows us to create posters or online bulletin boards. Timetoast offers a new alternative to an old favorite. Users can create interactive timelines based on any subject. 10. My Differentiated ProductsMy Differentiated Products My GlogsterMy Glogster pumpkins/pumpkins/ My TimetoastMy Timetoast 11. My ConclusionMy Conclusion I enjoyed the experience of this course. It was a challenge for me to work with the Moodle. I SLOWLY found my way by making MANY mistakes. Glogster was one of the best tools for me. I can see my students using this immediately as we create online collages based on our Social Studies unit.


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