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  • 1. THE BRAIN EVOLUTION SYSTEM A review by Vronique Cartier Brain Evolution System is the latest and most sophisticated version of brain entrainment project that Lee Benson, in collaboration with brainwave pioneer Michael Kelley, has been working on. It is designed to strengthen the mind. According to Lee, following the Brain Evolution System program can grant you amazingly enhanced personal energy, help you to think quicker than you currently do,, and enable you relax and let go of tension. Lee calls his project BrainEv which is short the Brain Evolution System. BrainEv is a six-level meditation program that uses binaural brainwave entrainment to help influence brainwaves, putting the mind into a deep state of meditation within minutes of listening.
  • 2. Brainwave entrainment has been around for years and is found in personal development products such as Holosync and Hemi-Sync. What sets BrainEv apart from it's competitors, claim the developers, is it's patent-pending 3 Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process. This means BrainEv uses three different entrainment methods at the same time, apparently matching very closely how brainwaves really work. I won't go into the details here but if you want to read more about the science behind it, please go to the reserch and benefits page. Well, it does sound very impressive... But does the Brain Evolution System really live up to its claims? I decided to try it myself! First of all, I was given a free 21-day trial of level one, with an option to cancel before I was billed a single penny. I could change my mind, get the benefit of the three weeks with BrainEv and walk away. The recommended use of the BrainEv system is that you listen to each 30-minute level once per day, six days a week, for a month. Then you move onto the next level - finishing all six levels within six months. Level one is called Transcendence and takes one into theta level state. It was gentle, natural music. I found I was relaxing well into it and had a tendency to fall asleep while listening. Apparently, falling asleep doesn't affect the results you get from the meditation. I found I was sleeping much better than usual. I started to feel more relaxed during my everyday life. Then, near the end of the first month, the full CD package landed at my door. This was a professionally-packaged six-CD set, which came along with a user guide and a complementary box of Acuity, a brain supplement designed to enhence brain function.
  • 3. During the second month, I worked with level two, which is called Lucid Echoes and takes one deeper into theta state. It was much more challenging for me to relax during this level.The natural sounds were mixed with some noise distractions, such as bells and gongs, which I found downright irritating!During this level, I experienced mind fogginess, some depression and mood swings.I was told it was part of the process and that it would get better. The discomfort lasted for over two weeks and then, I started to feel much better. Although, to be honest, I was glad when it was time for level three. I found level three much more enjoyable. It is called Infinity and combines beta brainwaves with some alpha, theta and delta. The sound of the ocean was gentle and I was able to relax more deeply than the preceding level.I found that once again, I was sleeping amazingly well. Level four was absolutely great.It is called Crystal Rain and goes deeper than level three. The sounds were easy to listen to and I was able to relax very nicely into it.Not only was I feeling better and more energetic than before, but most importantly, I was feeling much happier! I often found myself with a smile on my face without even knowing why! Level five is called Neptune's cave and takes one deep into delta state.During the fifth month, I was feeling on the top of the world!Once again, I found the music gentle and relaxing. I was able to relax very deeply and I was experiencing the most restful sleep of my all life. I was feeling simply amazing then. I never felt that happy in my whole life!
  • 4. Then came level six, which is called Fusion and is the deepest level of all. At first, it brought some discomfort.The sounds were enjoyable and relaxing but the discomfort came during my waking hours. I felt quite dissatisfied with my life and moody.What's amazing is the way I just took the steps I felt were necessary to change what I didn't like. It took a while for me to feel good again, but when I did, I was feeling like a new person! Or, rather, I was feeling- and still do- like I was really being myself for the very first time. I was experiencing a kind of freedom I had only dreamt about previously. This has been an awesome journey for me. I am feeling much more confident and proactive. I have a newfound sense of clarity and focus. I feel much more energetic and happier. I feel much more relaxed. I feel much more comfortable socially. And of course, my brain is able to absorb information quicker than before. And then... there is this feeling of wholeness which is fairly hard to describe with words... My verdict: ABSOLUTETLY BRILLIANT! MUST HAVE!!! As far as I am concerned, the Brain Evolution System delivers. The customer service is brilliant with a support team always happy to help. There's a good follow-up with monthly emails from Lee and Michael. And there's also the support from the other users through the forum. In addition to their 21 days free trial, they also give a 7 months money back guarentee, making it absolutely risk-free for the user. I guess that shows they are rather confident of the quality of their product! Anyway, it was definitely a delightful and useful experience and I highly recommend. To get your 21 days free trial, click here