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  • 1.Parts of a Sentence

2. Kinds of Sentences
Declarative (tells something)
Interrogative (asks something)
Exclamatory (shows excitement)
3. In order to be a complete sentence, every sentence must have:
A subject
A predicate
Parts of a Sentence
4. The subject of the sentence is the naming part.
It tells who or what is doing something.
Focusing on the Subject
5. Lucy went shopping.
The girls squealed with excitement.
The store was crowded.
Everyone was there for the special sale.
I wish I had gotten to go!
Can you spot the subjects?
6. Look at the pictures shown on the screen.
Write a sentence about the picture (true or make-believe) on your maker board.
Underline the subject of your sentence.
Be ready to share.
Your Turn!