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1. Document Camera and Technology Implementation at the Elementary School Level Megan Gerdts July 13, 2010 Touro University California 2. Overview of Todays Presentation Importance Purpose of Study Literature Review Key Themes Implications Gaps Importance and justification for your study 3. Importance 4. Purpose of Study 5. Technology Integration Factors 6. Literature Review 7. Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) 8. Literature Review Harris Activity Types suggests specific technologies that are most compatible with an activity works closely with Mishra and Koehler 9. 10. Mayers Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning People Learn Best Using Words and Pictures 11. Implications for the Study 12. Gaps in the Literature LOTS of research Technology Visual Learning Implementation needs LITTLE to NO research Specific to document cameras 13. Importance and Justification Successful technology integration a must! Extension to document cameras Better integration training = more effective teaching with technology