Citizens against corruption

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1. Citizens Against Corruption End the Rhetoric Talk Solutions, Implement Effectively 2. It starts with ME Be the change you want to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi 3. Lets Create a Manifesto for an Indian, sign it and abide by it. Manifesto for responsible citizen of this country: I shall not pay bribe to a traffic police to get away when I break the traffic rule. I shall not go the agent path while acquiring a driving license, passport, ration card, marriage certificate. I shall not pay any amount over and above registered price of the property to the builder while buying property. I shall not over rule merit by paying donation to get admission into an educational institution for my children. and so on.. Lets first become law abiding citizens of this country before throwing stones at the political class, babus. - Create an online manifesto. become a signatory. abide by it. 4. Fix the Systemic issues. The governance process. Use Business Process Reengineering to fix our governance processes. Automate them. Put time limits for completion. Collect and Track metrics. Use information systems. Reduce the manual nature of the process. Examples : How I get a driving license, ration card,7/12 utara. How I file an FIR at police station. How a simple non criminal court case progress.without minimal adjournments 5. Use our Expertise...its right here We solve problems of the WestSoftware Development, BPOs, Call Centers, Medical Transcription. Its time we solve our problems. Use TCS, Infosys and the likes to create information systems around government processescreate Government BPOs, Call Centers to cater to common man. 6. Zoom in on Operations of Special Government Departments Not all but if we target few government agencies to start with it will solve most of the problems. The top ones are : PWD, Highways RTO Public Distribution Systems Customs Police Courts 7. Reduce Taxesyes Our laws and taxes are archaic If we reduce stamp duty and registration charges for property there will be less black money transfers. This country needs inexpensive electronics and information devices for growth. We are young population. If we reduce import duties all the customs corruption will go away. 8. Start Performance Evaluation of Government Employees. All Private sector does performance evaluation and feedback. Yearly increments, promotions are based on these. Why cant we have performance evaluation of government employees? If not yearly.every five years And give the good performers increments in time. Forget the pay commissions". If they get good pay, they will not take bribes to do the work. The problem with current pay is they are not at all motivated to do the work.


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