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1. CONTRUCTED LANDSCAPE COMMUNITY PARK 2. TOPIC 5 : CITY PARK PROJECT TITLE : EXPERIENTIAL LANDSCAPE GROUP NAME : E & P GROUP MEMBERS : HO HONG LOK VUN TZE LIN TEOH ZHE SSKHAI LEE FEI SYEN JOSEPH SOH TAN JIT KIM YONG AI YI NAME OF TUTOR : MISS. RENEE 3. 8/17/2015 4. CITY PARK 5. Vary in size Have a lot of character. Combined population of 10,000 or above The area of the park can hold at least 80% of the populations DEFINITION OF CITY PARK 6. 1-1 CHIYODA KU, TOKYO IMPERIAL PALACE EAST GARDEN 7. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Was built In 1932 as a dormitory for imperial princesses. Construction work began in 1961 as a restoration of various keeps and structures. Declared by the Japanese government on 30 May 1963. Tokagakudo concert hall was built in 1963 to commemorate the 60th birthday of Emperor Kojun. All construction was completed in February 1966. 8. CHARACTERISTI C Pleasant green divide between the high rise-rise modern buildings. Total area 3.41 square kilometres including the garden. Tokagakudo Music Hall with differently designed mosaic tiles on the walls. Variety of flora in East Garden. 9. TOKAGAKU DO MUSIC HALL 10. SAKURA SEASON 8/17/2015 11. f CONTEXTUAL STUDY 12. Imperial Palace East Garden National Museum of Modern Art Imperial Palace Nippon Budokan (Japan Martial Art Hall) 8/17/2015 13. Visit to The Museum, where people can the historical background of the Palace. Visit to the second part of this huge garden called The Honmaru Area, where people can do their own activities in this open area. HUMAN ACTIVITIES 14. LANDSCAPE FEATURES 8/17/2015 East Garden Suwano-chaya Tea House 15. Fortress surrounds the Imperial Palace Nijubashi Bridge 16. TAMAN TASIK TITIWANGSA 17. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND 18. Opened On 1st February 1980. Opened by Tun Hussein Onn. Built work begin in 1975. 19. Titiwangsa park was a formerly TIN MINES before 1980s. In the late 1980s it became a RECREATIONAL AREA for city folks. The park name came from TITIWANGSA MOUNTAIN RANGE. 20. CHARACTERISTIC 21. 46 Hectares of Land There is a PLACID LAKE which located in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. 22. CONTEXTUAL STUDY 23. NATIONAL THEATRE, (ISTANA BUDAYA) NATIONAL ARTGALLERY, (BALAI SENI LUKIS) 24. HUMAN ACTIVITIES 25. AQUA BIKING JOGGING TRACKS 26. GATHERING ROLLER SKATING 27. LANDSCAPE FEATURES 28. TENNIS COURT RESTAURANT 29. CHILDRENS PLAYGROUND 30. REFERENCES LIST uristGuideBook/KLTGB.pdf mines-turning-wastelands-wonders tour-1350.html 31. CONCLUSION 8/17/2015 City parks improve our physical and psychological health, strengthen our communities, and make our cities and neighbourhoods more attractive places to live and work. Numerous studies have shown the social, environmental, economic, and health benefits parks bring to a city and its people. For example, they attract tourists, serve as community signature pieces, offer a marketing tool for cities to attract businesses and conventions and host festivals, concerts and athletics events.