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eTwinning:collaborative projects among schools, teachers and pupilsin Europe and beyond!Massimiliano DInnocenzoTechno-Clil for EVO 2016www.eTwinning.netisthe community for schools in EuropeCollaborative projects Formal and non formal training Participate to a real community of practiceseTwinning Live - homepageeTwinning Live - peopleeTwinning Live - eventsOnline conferenceeTwinning Live - groupseTwinning Live - projectseTwinning projects for distance collaboration among teachers and students from the same or different countriesTotal flexibility: you choose the subject, the type and complexity of the activities and the length of the collaboration. Almost immediate approval!No deadlines or bureaucratic procedures to register and activate a project!Once you register a project, you will have access to your own TwinSpace, a secured online platform with ICT tools, where you can invite your pupils and other teachers to work togetherAn integrated videoconferencing tool and chat for live meetings!Technical & pedagogicval support, helpdesk line, quality certificationeTwinning for projectsProject virtual classroomRestricted access only for invited pupils and teachers (login e password)Possibility to manage privacy settings (public/private pages)ICT tools (webpages, blog, forum, chat, videoconference)Possibility to embed external apps (e.c. Padlet, Learning Apps etc.)Multimedia archive (files, image gallery, video)Examples:Written textFiles, images and videos from the Material sectionLinks to forums or other TwinSpace pages/subpages (or other external web pages)If there are subpages linked to the page, you may want to add links those subpages to show the structure (for example: page Video production activity; subpages group1, group2)External Apps (for instance Padlet, Learningapps etc.) can be embedded or linked (only iFrame code is compatible with the TwinSpace for embedding)What can you put in each page?*Plan your own TwinSpace!*And access your TwinSpaceOnce logged into eTwinning go to eTwinning LiveClick the TwinSpace linkOnce in Live select the Projects tabSign inVisit and sign in hereThe home page overviewSelect one of your TwinSpacesChange the language for this session (change in your profile if you wish change to be persistent)See how TwinSpace looks to anyone on the InternetChange TwinSpace settingsChange your ProfileCheck your TwinMailTeacher Bulletin is where teacher members can write messages only visible to other teacher membersUse the Project Journal to share project news on the public TwinSpace site. Navigate to the different sections of this TwinSpaceView or create pages, images and videosStart a one on one chat with another member who is online.Creating pagesCreate a new pageView pages you have archived and therefore made invisible. These pages can be reverted to be visible again.Edit selected pageEdit page orderSee who created and edited pageCreating pages: edit modeControl who sees this page*Control who can edit this pageFormat page contentInsert an image, video or file, these are taken from the resources uploaded in the materials sectionArchive this page, this means that the page will not be visible any longer on the TwinSpace. You can always change the status backCancel editingDo not forget to save changes every time you edit a page!Click the title to edit*Notice: if you make the page public make sure you have the copyright of all pictures, videos and files. If pictures or video include minors make sure that you have their parents permission to publish online.Materials - ImagesCreate albums to organize your imagesDrag or select images From your computer to add them to your TwinSpaceSearch for images, videos or files within the materials sectionTIP: You can insert your images, videos and files easily into the pages you create. See slide on editing pages for more information.Materials - VideosCreate folders to organize your videosClick Add video to add include a video from YouTube or VimeoSearch for images, videos or filesTIP: You can insert your images, videos and files easily into the pages you create. See slide on editing pages for more information.Materials - FilesCreate folders to organize your filesDrag file here or click Upload fileSearch for images, videos or filesTIP: You can insert your images, videos and files easily into the pages you create. See slide on editing pages for more information.ForumsForums listCreate new forumLatest posts in all forumsYour latest forum postsLiveThe chat windowEnter your chat hereTIP: Teachers can access the chat history for this forum. Records are deleted after 3 months.See a list of whos in the chat roomCreate an event for your TwinSpaceEvents can include:Video/Audio chatsScreen sharingCollaborative workSee Live help files for more information on using the eTwinning Live event platform.MembersSearch for a memberFilter by member typeMember listChange member typeDelete memberReset pupil passwordInvite new membersSend message to all members of this TwinSpaceTwinMailCompose a new messageSee how many unread messages you haveReveal more information on that messageMove message to TrashSee more of your messagesProfileEdit TwinSpace profile to change your profile image and update the information displayed in your profileSee a list of all your TwinSpacesLeave a message for this member. It will be visible on all his/her TwinSpacesOur best practices/1: We run, we learnEnrica Maragliano, Liceo Colombo (Genova) presentations and gamesReal and virtual activities!Dissemination common assessment test!Our best practices/2: Mirror, MirrorPatrizia Roma, Istituto Volta (Perugia) pupils with multimedia activities Mixed group activities contact with English as foreign languageUsing specific vocabulary in a real context Direct involvement of pupils / Concept of brainstorming Horizontal curriculum with Literature teacherProject Holydays in a box Silvana Rampone Direzione Didattica IV di Pinerolo Best practices/3: English in a Primary schoolSkills development for secondary schoolStudents:Can recognize and call each shape in the space, their representations and the relationships between elements. [...]Reinforce a positive attitude on maths through meaningful experiencesUnderstand how the mathematical concepts learned are useful in many real situations.Project ATOM - A tast of MathsVideo Perspective (YouTube) Maths is around us Best practices/4: English & MathsThank you very much!Follow eTwinning Italia on social networksMassimiliano DInnocenzom.dinnocenzo@indire.itNational Support Service eTwinning ItaliaFor info etwinning@indire.itFor support****