Conversations engaging our communities

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  • 1. Conversations: Engaging our Communities October 25, 2010

2. Conversations 3. What is conversation? A conversation is communication between multiple people. It is a social skill that is not difficult for most individuals. 4. conversation? cont. Conversations are the ideal form of communication in some respects, since they allow people with different views on a topic to learn from each other. ... 5. Engagement What is engagement? The result of our awareness that we are interdependent 6. Engagement 'engagement' can cover consultation, extension, communication, education, public participation, working in partnership etc. 7. Community Engagement A planned process with the specific purpose of working with identified groups of people, 8. Engagement? Community building Community revitalisation Community mobilisation Sense of community 9. Community Chest Engagement 10. Community Chest Engagement Different stakeholders: Government Specialist organisations Beneficiary Forums 11. Community Chest Engagement cont. Networks Parent body Donors Volunteers 12. Community Chest Engagement Conversations Beneficiary Forum meeting Parent body meetings Capacity building 13. Community Chest Engagement cont. Site visits Sector meetings Conferences Seminars CPD points 14. Community Chest Engagement Early Childhood Development Conversation: Provincial Government Local Government 15. Community Chest Engagement cont. Specialist Service Providers Parent bodies Beneficiary service provider partners 16. Community Chest Engagement Early Childhood Development Conversation: Networking opportunity Community Chest Position Developments in ECD sector: Prof Eric Atmore, Centre for Early Childhood Development 17. Community Chest Engagement cont. Governments position: inputs from Departments of Education Social development Local government Improvements in service delivery Debate


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