Create emails using mail merge

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This presentation shows how to use Microsoft Word and Outlook to send Mail Merge emails


1. 1 This presentation assumes that your Microsoft Word is linked to Microsoft Outlook and has been configured to send email messages. 2 You also need to create and save a list of recipients in Microsoft Excel with the headings Firstname, Lastname and Email address before you start. 2. Click onMailings 3. 1 Click on Start Mail Merge 2 Click on Step by Step 4. Click onE-mail 1Click on 2Next 5. Make sure you have previously saved yourrecipients in an Excel filewith Firstname, Lastname and email address Select recipients 6. Browse for your list on your computer 7. Click on your list and then choose Open1 2 8. A box comes up. Choose OK. 9. Write your letter 1 Click Add 2 greeting 10. Make yourchoices about layout 11. Check the greeting line is there and correct spelling and grammar. 12. 1 Preview lettersand see if all are there 2 Choose Complete the merge 13. Look at thenames and see if they are okay 14. Finish the mergeand press Send 15. Add the subject 1 line and press OK 2 16. Check your Outbox inOutlook to make sure theyhave gone, and sit back and relax!


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