Creating Learning Communities in D2L

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Creating Learning communities in d2lCreating Learning communities in d2lRose gongEastern Illinois universitySelf IntroductionI started to teach online since 2006 Designed and put three courses completely online Since 2006 I have been teaching at least two courses completely onlineEIU transferred to D2L from WebCT in 2012Presentation ObjectiveShare my over-a-decade long online teaching practices Pros and Cons of Online Education Pro:Time flexibility & efficiencythe learner can choose the time to go to classAllows for learning in distant or disadvantaged locationseliminated the space between the learner and the classroom; made the classroom mobileMore individualized instructionTeachers can Use D2L class management function to know each students class activities and tailor the teaching for individual studentAlmost all online activities are trackedeliminated ambiguity when dealing with students questions whether homework is turned inFacilitates easy file informationsaves time, paper and manpower in handling documentsPros and cons of online teaching and learningCons:Heavy reliance on students self-regulation & motivation; students forget due dates & miss tests w/o the teacher reminding them face2faceNo real human interaction; cannot rely on facial and body language in teaching No real teaching; online students work individually, read and complete class requirements; it is a form of self-studyNo immediate response; students will not get their questions answered immediate as in the face to face classroomthe underlying philosophy of my online teachingto enhance the strengths of online learning and minimizes its cons by creating learning communities What is a learning community?Richard DuFour (a Renowned American educational researcher noted for developing strategies to create collaborative teaching environments in K12 schools):A learning community is A collaborative culture with a focus on learningA Professional Learning Community is composed of collaborative teams whose members work interdependently to achieve common goalsgoals linked to the purpose of learning for all.How to create a learning community in d2l?Course StructureTeacher Student InteractionStudent Student Interaction1. Course structureBuild a structure to make going to class easy to encourage class-attendance:A. 16-week structure--use what students are familiar with by breaking the course content into 16 weeks onlineB. Make the course easy to navigate/maneuverUse D2L module function to place important aspects of the course such as the instructor, the syllabus, class projects, study guides on the front page of the courseC. Syllabuswrite it in the most concrete way so that students will find the answer to most of the questions D. Duplicate important information in different places in D2LI announce the due dates or test time in the news section, in the syllabus, in the calendar and in my weekly summaries.2. Teacher student interactionSend the syllabus one week ahead of the start of the semesterRespond to students posts in 16 week discussion forum making sure to respond to each and every student in week onebuilding personal rapportGive feedback to individual student when grading (e.g. good class participation! Need to follow the posting requirements.) to create the pad on the back or a knock on the table effectProvide a discussion summary teaching momentsdo a study summary each week and teach the class about how to approach the questions from the previous weekUse self-tests to teachself-tests help highlight the most important points and teach students the correct answersUse D2L emailcommunicate with individual students about class work and concerns. 3. Student student interactionProvide opportunities for students to interact with one another Use posting requirementsrequire students to weekly interact with others posts on different days to maximize the viewing of others ideas.Challenges PlagiarismHow to provide feedback to students when they submit their paper in PDFI require students to submit in word or rtf; but there are students who just ignore the requirement and submit in PDF format, that does not allow editing.What is your best practice with D2L?The end