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A presentation to the Public School by AST My Introduction His Big Fat Indian Wedding Fresh of the Boat Instate Tuition Giving Back to the Community Lessons Learned Just Do IT! My name is AST Lived in the US for 25 years, migrated from India Own a software company that makes Tracking Systems using RFID technologies Wife is a Pharmacist Kids -- All go to The Public School Motto #1: Be Kind Motto #2: Never Refuse Free Food Let me show you the wedding of two New Yorkers recently held in the city of Surat, India MM and his family migrated in the late 80s and brought nothing with them He attend AISD and was among the top students He wanted to attend college but was still in process of becoming a US Citizen No Instate tuition for him Instate v/s out of state tuition is 10x difference He studied hard and got top marks Research and speaking to friends led him to a Houston Chronicle Reporter Ed Hegstrom who publicized his case amongst others After much lobbying, meetings, etc. the Texas Senate ruled that outstanding students of his immigration status would get Instate Tuition He was able to get Instate Tuition and also scholarships because of his leadership MM: He completed BS in Biology & Arabic Literature from UT Austin, MS in Physiology & Biophysics from Stony Brook University, Manager of the Biomedical Engineering Dept Dr. AM: She completed BS in French Linguistics & Chemistry from NYU, MD from Stony Brook University School of Medicine, currently doing Pediatric Residency Training at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City While in high school MM became the President of the Alief Youth Corps He felt very strongly about building something of lasting value for the community After engaging peers, community members, teachers etc. the team settled on developing a park in the neighborhood MM began by first selected a team comprising of other kids, parents, and other community members of the Alief Community Association They put together a plan and selected a site They then coordinated with City of Houston through the office of Harris County Commissioner Steve Raddick They raised money from public sources, private individuals and corporations, United Kids Way Foundation, and the City of Houston They worked on permits and legal issues They got architects, landscapers, contractors together and negotiated with them They did a neighborhood walk and gathered many many volunteers And then on one Weekend they just did it!! America is a land of great opportunity where everyone gets a chance If we get something we do need to give back Team is everything. One person can make a difference but does need a team to pull it off Ideas are good but you need execute beyond ideas People who are passionate about success get to the finish line Community/Govt. Academics Corporations Press You Focus on an area of interest or passion Could be an area of future career, hobby, social work, or just a cause for bonding between friends Talk to the best and the brightest in that field Look for a consular or mentor.and aTEAM Pick a project NOW! Create a 2 year activity plan Execute Do a book/computer drive and build up one library in a rural area or developing Country Research an energy or water conservation project and intern with a company next summer Engage in cultural exchange program at an American-Indian Reservation & create a means of commerce for the people of that community Teach English to Mexican, Chinese, or Indian Sr. Citizens Volunteer for a political leader, a hospital, the Houston Zoo, or even the village school soccer team JUST DO IT!