Detailed Lesson Plan in English For Kindergarten

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1. A Detailed Lesson Plan in English For Kindergarten Student’s Name: Rae Anne D. Sapuan Instructor’s Name: Jelfa Sollesta I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils…


1. A Detailed Lesson Plan in English For Kindergarten Student’s Name: Rae Anne D. Sapuan Instructor’s Name: Jelfa Sollesta I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, pupils are expected to: A. identify the objects that starts with letter A; B. write correctly the capital letter A and small letter a; and C. appreciate the importance of letter A through an activity called Draw me. II. Subject Matter A. Topic: Letter A B. Reference: C. Materials; pictures, practice sheet, big notebook III. Methodology Teacher’s Activity Pupils’ Activity A. Preparation Good morning class! How are you this morning? Very Good! Now let’s stand up for the prayer. Okay, everybody sit down now. Who are absent this morning? Do you know why Rae Anne is absent? Ah okay, maybe I’ll just ask her parents for that. Now class! What can you say about this picture? Okay very good. How about the way they sit, what can you say Good morning too teacher! We’re good! (The kids stand and recite the prayer. Rae Anne Teacher! No teacher! There are children and a teacher. They are sitting properly teacher. 2. about that? Very good! So our first classroom is sit down properly. What’s again our 1st classroomrule? Okay let me see if you’re sitting properly. What else can you say about this picture? Exactly! So our 2nd classroomrule is to raise your hand if you want to answer. Okay? Where is your hand? Now take a look at this children are they talking to each other? Yes! So meaning to say our 3rd classroomrule is? Very good! So again what are those 3 classroom rules that we have? Okay good! So to start our class let’s sing our Good morning song, but before that what is the weather for today? Is it sunny day, rainy day or cloudy day? Yes today is sunny day! So the song goes this way.. Good morning it’s a happy day!(2x) Happy(4x) day Tell me the weather, the weather now(3x) And today is a sunny day! Today is a sunny, sunny day(3x) And that is the weather today. Do you like the song class? B. Motivation Okay so this morning we will be having a new lesson but before that we will sing another song again. We will sing the ABC song. So the song goes this way! 1. Sit down properly. Some children are raising their hand teacher. 2. Raise your hand if you want to answer. No! 3. Do not talk to your seatmate * Sit down properly. * Raise your hand if you want to answer * Do not talk to your seatmate Sunnyday! ( childrenare singing) Yes teacher 3. Up to the ceiling down to the floor Left to the window, right to the door. Mama kiss me, papa kiss me For I know my ABC ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Boys and Girls Come sing with me, Come and sing our ABC. C. Discussion so base on the song, do you have now an idea what is our lesson for this morning? Okay, so our lesson is all about the letters in the alphabet but this morning we will focus first to the Letter A. So this is letter A Letter A is the 1st letter in the alphabet. So this picture is the capital letter A, and this one is the small letter A. Children at the back can you see this? okay so let’s say that this is the Mommy A, and Baby A. So the sound of A is /ă/. Everybody say “ah”. Again! Mommy Letter A and Baby Letter A says a a a a a everybody sing with me Very good! Now what are the things that start with letter A? So in order for you to know, I have here a ( childrenare singing) ABC teacher Yes!Teacher. “ah” “ah” Mommy Letter A and Baby Letter A says a a a a a ( the childrenare watchingthe video) 4. video. Now , base on the video, what are the things that starts with letter A? Yes, 1st is Apple! So the word apple starts with Letter A. Everybody say a-a-a apple! Very good! So A is for Apple! (teacher is singing) A is for Apple a-a-a-apple so have you eaten an apple before? So how’s the taste? Yes! Apple are delicious! So what’s the color of an apple? Red very Good! So next picture is? Yes exactly! This is an ant! Everybody say a-a-a-ant Okay so what can u say about an ant? Yes, they are! What else? Yes, ants bite us especially if we step on their territory but though sometimes ants hurt us, it is not an excuse for us to do something that would hurt them also. Okay? So the word Ant starts with Letter A. So A is for Ant A is Ant a-a-a-ant Okay so again, everybody stand up and wiggle2x your butt. Then sing! Apple! a-a-aapple Yes teacher! Delicious! Red! An ant! a-a-a-ant theyare small Theybite usteacher! Yes,teacher! A is Ant 5. Next picture is? Very Good! This is an axe! This is used for what? Yes. This thing is not a toy so if you have this at home, do not play with it, okay? So, this thing starts with letter A. a-a-a-axe A is For Axe Next is? Yes exactly! This is an ambulance. A-a-a-ambulance! It is a vehicle used for taking the sick people to the hospital. Now what is this? Okay, so this is an Anchor. Well, an anchor is a heavy device that is attached to a boat by a rope and that is thrown into the water to hold the boat in place. So everybody say a-a-a-anchor. Very good! Next. What is this? a-a-a-ant An axe! Cuttingthe woodteacher! Yes!teacher a-a-a-axe an ambulance! a-a-a-ambulance We don’tknow teacher! What isan anchorteacher? a-a-a-anchor 6. A crocodile? Yes! They are somewhat related! Remember our letter for today is A. Exactly! So this is an alligator. a-a-a-alligator Alligator have sharp teeth, thick body skin, and long body. So if you see a real alligator, you should stay away from them. Okay? Our last picture is? Antenna! Very good! a-a-a-antenna So antenna is used for what? Yes this antenna is used for the television for us to have a clear signal. So A is for Antenna! A is for Antenna a-a-a-antenna Everybody sing! Actually there are plenty of words that start with letter A, but I just give you 7. So what are those words that start with letter A? Very good! Now this time, I’ll teach you how to write the Letter A. I’ll give you a practice sheet. A crocodile! Alligatorteacher! a-a-a-alligator Yes teacher! An antenna a-a-a-antenna For the televisionteacher! A is for Antenna a-a-a-antenna 1. Apple 2. Ant 3. Axe 4. Ambulance 5. Anchor 6. Alligator 7. Antenna 7. And I’ll use this big notebook. Let’s start with the capital letter A. Okay point your pencil here at the top. And make a line down. Then go back to the top and make a line down. Now go the middle and make a line across. Okay let’s do it again, down, down, across. Now who wants to try here at my big notebook? Yes, Elaine! Wow! Great job Elaine! Now let’s write the small A. Okay start at the middle and go all the way around. Next go up and then down. Did you get it? Okay let’s do it again! Around, up and down. Now you try, BL. Well done BL. Now class, write 5 capital letter As on your practice sheet and then 5 small letter As. Okay? Then pass it to me after. D. Application Now class its drawing time! I have here bond papers and all you need to do is to draw the things that start with letter A. and then on the top of the paper write there the capital letter A and the small letter A. Then paste your work on the board. Is that clear? E. Generalization Now class, take a look at this works here. Do you think letter A is very important? Why? Very good! Without letter A, there’s no apple, ant, ambulance, antenna, axe, anchor and alligator. So it is also important that we learn Yes teacher! Yes. teacher Yes teacher! Yes teacher! Because without letter A there’s no such thing as Apple. 8. about letter A. IV. Evaluation Instruction: Encircle the things that start with letter A. 1. 2. 3. 4. 9. V. Assignment What is this class? Very good! so this is a ball. b-b-b-ball so the ball starts with letter? Okay so tomorrow we will discuss about the letter B. And for your assignment; Look for the objects that start with B-b-b. okay? A ball teacher! B! Yes teacher!