Digital Literacy & Citizenship in the 21st Century

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Digital Literacy and Citizenship in the 21st CenturyDigital Literacy and Citizenship in the 21st Century students must be active, creative, knowledgeable, and ethical participants in our globally networked society.(U.S. Dept. of Education, 2010)Goal: Learn why its important to address the 21st century skill of digital citizenship, in which students:ResponsiblySafelyEthicallyAgendaWhat is digital citizenship?Using digital mediaResponsiblySafelyEthicallyWhat is our role?Be a Digital Citizen9 Themes of Digital CitizenshipDigital AccessDigital CommerceDigital CommunicationDigital LiteracyDigital EtiquetteDigital LawDigital Rights & ResponsibilitiesDigital Health & WellnessDigital SecurityRespect, Educate & Protect (REPs)Respect, Educate & Protect (REPs)What is the place of digital media in our lives?ReflectionWhich one or two answers surprised you the most?Which one or two statistics most closely reflect how you use digital media in your own life?Which are the farthest fom your own personal experience?RespondMy media life is like a _________________because ____________________________.ResponsiblyPerspectives on Social MediaReflectionWhat are some of the upsides and downsides of digital life according to the teens in the film?What do you think the upsides and downsides are in your own lives?How has mobility impacted responsible use?Link to video hereEven though teens usually intend for only one person to see these pictures, they dont always stay private. Take a look at this video to see how one girls choice to send a nude picture quickly got out of control.(Click to show video.)14(Video plays.)15SafelyStaying Safe OnlineOpportunitiesPitfallsRandy(Social networks)Aseal(Gaming)Renee(Texting & video chatting)Perspectives on Chatting OnlineStaying Safe OnlineOpportunitiesPitfallsRandy(Social networks)Aseal(Gaming)Renee(Texting & video chatting)Communication ConsiderationsHas this person asked to keep anything secret?Has this person hinted at or asked about anything sexual?Have I felt pressured or manipulated?Do I feel true to myself sticking ot my values when I communicate with this person?If I am uncomfortableChange it upLog off or quitKnow that its okay to feel embarrassed or confusedTalk to a friend or trusted adultEthicallyPerspective on EthicsMy Online CodePerspective on EthicsA good citizen of the digital world _______________________________.Goal: Learn why its important to address the 21st century skill of digital citizenship, in which students:ResponsiblySafelyEthically