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Presentation given at EDUTXT event, 23rd Sept at Cyldebank College


  • 1. Texting Integration for e-Learning Clydebank College, 23 rdSept 2008 Andy Ramsden Head of e-Learning University of Bath eatbath-present andyramsden Presentation

2. my number07624 804921 3. So How is the person next to you using SMS in Teaching, Learning and Administration? Or how do they think they might use it? Tag responses: q1 07624 804921 4. aims

  • Using a simple framework discuss some uses of integrating SMS into e-learning
  • Capture your ideas 5. how the session will run

  • Collaborative learning experience
  • Experiential learning experience
  • Audience participation

6. framework for analysis EduTxt (SMS) only EduTxt (SMS) with other tools e-Admin e-Learning

  • What I think about text communication.
  • always on - in your pocket - simple
  • character limit difficult to organising

Capturing free text in word clouds -------- Hook into discussion boards Sign up for news alerts using QR codes 7. clustering your thoughts EduTxt (SMS) only EduTxt (SMS) with other tools e-Admin e-Learning Note: I asked in Q1 who using / planning to use SMS in T, L & Admin Simulations Student reminders (3 responses), inform students class cancelled (2 responses), contact students, staff safety 8. e-admin sign up news alerts

  • why posters?
  • why SMS?
  • why QR Codes?

9. the workflow Poster QR Code SMS Text: go-news to EduTxt Sort into group using keyword. Auto Response with unsubscriberule: stop-news Monthly SMS includes link to web report using Score 7/10 10. e-learning word cloud analysis

  • why free text SMS feedback?
  • why word clouds?

11. the workflow Lecture ppt EduTxt Collect & print excel report TagCrowd Remove columns, filter out using stoplist Discuss outcomes Student SMS 12. Lets try How do you share web resources? E-mail, shared document, wiki, blog, bookmark software Tag responses: q2 07624 804921 13. Outcomes Score 6/10

  • Straight forward to use, if a little time consuming
  • Use on important questions, high cost compared to other face to face approaches

14. Questions and/or similar uses 15. e-learning hook 2 discussion boards

  • why change the interactions?

16. the workflow Lecture ppt EduTxt Collect, select appropriate and upload to VLE discussion board VLE Discussion Monitor and moderate Student SMS Score 7/10 17. thank you & questions - 07624 804921 Andy Ramsden [email_address] eatbath-present andyramsden Feedback for me what did you like, what should I stop doing, and how might I improve this session? Tag responses: EDUTEXT